Four Signals

Four Signals

Advisor for trading 10 minute binary options.

Advisor continuously analyzes at least four different indicator and increases the confidence probability trade.

The analysis takes place on at least RSI, CCI, Stochastic indicator and Bollinger Bands.

The expert has a high accuracy at a very volatile and especially currencies on the goods.

The user can set:

  1. The length of time expiration
  2. Thresholds trade confidence levels
  3. Multipliers for specific indicators
  4. investment amount

The main factors. Other input parameters:

  • The name of the log file
  • Folder for storing logs
  • Use sound alerts or not
  • Minutes of the beginning and end
  • Multipliers and RSI thresholds
  • Multipliers and thresholds CCI
  • Multipliers and thresholds Bollinger Band
  • Multipliers and thresholds Stochastic

The multipliers multiply the value of RSI, CCI, Bollinger and Stochastic a predetermined number of user with user-specified thresholds. In fact it adds the values ​​of factors and gives confidence probability. Once reached or exceeded the level of trust (confidence level as defined by the user), the trade will be carried out automatically, and the notification will be sent to the mobile device and the screen.

Notifications and History is also saved in a log file in the CSV format, so that traders can analyze their data.

This expert may be used in conjunction with many other plug-in binary options for MetaTrader 4, or as an independent adviser. Orders are placed using BO API plug-in, but if you do not use the plug-in, you will still be able to trade and receive signals to your mobile device, or in the form of pop-up windows in your MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Four Signals

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