China friendship started right under noses of

China friendship started right under the noses of US – Latin America

Latin America –
last business friend of China.
Chinese banks have increased investment
in Latin America by 71% last year,
and the country plans to double trade
Central and South America for
the next decade. This occurs when
US power across America begins
weaken. Cash from the United States actually
run to the regions because investors
there are better deals with
real estate and other industries.

China does not seem to
worried about short-term prospects.
"We look at it not just as
economic game. This game also has a
political and strategic nuances".
– says Ilan Berman, vice president
American Foreign Policy Council
in Washington.

In informal
conversations Berman notes that China
Argentine helped fund the physical
Nuclear energy, which launched the first
Bolivian companion and rumored to be helping
Venezuela to start their own

But now these relations
mainly economic.

While the US still
It remains trading partner number 1
Latin America, China is already beginning
press it in some regions. China
ahead of the US in trade with Brazil,
Argentina, Peru and Venezuela, according to

This is a great co-operation
China and Latin America for many
reasons. China needs many
Latin American goods, such as
oil and soybeans, and some countries
Latin America desperately fighting for
cash that China will
happy to provide.

Recall that country
Latin America formed an alliance in 2010
It was called CELAC (Community countries
Latin America and the Caribbean)
which did not enter the United States and Canada. Two
Celac months ago the country had a large
meeting. Rather than go
in Washington, DC, they went to Beijing
The first official meeting with China.

Of course, the new friendship
While many are not entirely clear. Chinese
and Latin American countries is slowing
in growth. The demand for goods is reduced and
China and Latin America due to
commodity boom. But the potential for
long-term relations remains the same
very large. Chinese President Xi
Jinping pledged to double trade
with Latin America within the next
decade – up to $ 250 billion.

"China is
source of financing and export
for the markets, without any kind of pressure, and it adheres to
transparency, openness of practices
Markets – Western-style democracy".
– says Evan Ellis, an expert and a professor
Latin America from War College
US Army.

Venezuela is
a good example. During the time when
economy strong “storm”
(Some even call it the economy
the worst in the world), China comes into play,
giving the South American region
billions of dollars in investment in exchange for oil.

Money talks: banks
China provided $ 22 billion for Latin
America last year. It is more than
It was sent to the World Bank and the region
Inter-American Development Bank together
According to Margaret Myers, an expert in
Inter-American Dialogue. "These countries
really welcomed China
open arms", – He speaks

Meanwhile, US
companies lose interest in Latin
America. Direct investment from the US
firms declined in Latin America
almost 20% since 2011, according to the Ministry

Despite the recent
Cuba’s statement, Latin America
It remains low in the ranking of priorities
US policy. Now her “sleepy
look “in the direction of Latin America
I allowed China to use this moment
for their own benefit.

"When Western capital
left in Latin America … there appeared
vacuum. Why not fill it,
Chinese thought?" – says David
Morton, market analyst and chief strategist
of Rocaton Investment Advisers.

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