Adviser strategy is based on the definition of the divergence of the volume and price consolidation within certain ranges.

Recommended for:

  • EURUSD M15;
  • USDJPY M15.


  • Lot, if Risk = false – If Risk = false, will be the lot;
  • Risk on / off – the inclusion of money management;
  • Risk Percent – percentage of risk;
  • Take Profit – the level of take-profit;
  • Stop Loss – stop-loss level;
  • Comment to order – comment on the open orders;
  • Magic Number – magic number to distinguish their orders from strangers;
  • Slippage – the maximum level of slip.


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Volatility Hunter

Volatility Hunter

Tired of constantly be in the sluggish markets and / or miss the big trends?

Volatility Hunter It can be a good solution. This new indicator uses the second derivative to measure the volatility (and hence the probability of the start / continuation of the trend). Simultaneously the tracking subtle changes in the character of price movements and vibrations volumes (real or teak), it provides an entry point and early conservative outputs.

In contrast to the analogues, Volatility Hunter It has additional filters to avoid off-scale on gepah or news, as well as the bad data volumes.

Volatility Hunter

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  • GMomentum test

    GMomentum test This indicator is designed to demonstrate the potential of cluster filters and is a supplement to the article “Creating digital filters…

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Simply SR

Simply SR

The indicator shows the support / resistance levels. It serves to identify values ​​for takeprofit / stoploss and placement of pending orders. A clear display makes Simply SR convenient directly in the trade, and in the analysis of historical data. Levels are calculated as close as possible to their spots trader and tested as the zigzags with graphic constructions. Thus Simply SR is suitable for all timeframes and tools. Calculated buffers organized in order to facilitate use of the indicator in the advisors.

Displaying indicator

SimplySR displayed with three blue stripes above the level of prices and the three red lines below the price. Accordingly, it is the next potential support and resistance levels.

Using indicator

Resistance levels of support are used to set StopLoss / TakeProfit in transactions in the market and for the placement of pending orders.

Strong levels are determined by the length of the corresponding line. Closely adjacent to each other lines also indicate a strong level.

Simply SR indicates the position of potential levels. When installing, consider the neighbors orders to lines psychologically important (round) levels, as well as the strength and momentum of market volatility.

indicator settings

To determine the levels and placement SimplySR requires no configuration.

All indicator parameters are used to alert the trader:

group “On level breakdown” – setting alerts in overcoming the level of support / resistance price. At the request of the trader’s indicator will sound an alert, send a letter or a “push” notification

group “On detect new level” – a similar setup alerts when detecting a new neighbor of resistance / support levels

Simply SR

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Divergence on Stochastic

Divergence on Stochastic (Divergence in Stochastik)

policy options:

System: + trend reversal

Difficulty: easy more than average

Timeframe from D1 to M30

Shopping couples: Multicurrency

Strategy Description:

The strategy is to find the entry point into the position based on the trading signals bullish and bearish Divergence (both direct and reverse) on Stochastic.

To get started on this strategy, you must:

1. Have on the trading terminal candlestick price plot selected pair;

2. build on the candlestick chart:

– Bollinger band with the default settings: 20.2 (hereinafter in the examples highlighted in yellow);

– moving average MA8 (shown in red);

– trendlines (red);

– equidistant channels (red);

– Support and resistance levels (also in red).

Trend lines, levels and channels (three last paragraph) are constructed as their location on the chart.

– Fractals are desirable, but not necessary.

3. Building Stochastic oscillator with standard parameters: 5,3,3. It distinguish overbought (0 – 20) and pereprodannosti (80 – 100) – designated by the white dotted line.

Further, the graphs Rates stochastic tracking formation Divergence in timeframes of M30 to D1. The larger the timeframe, the more likely the operation of a trading signal.

Entry points occur when the stochastic line crossed its moving average (solid crossed dotted) at an acute angle in the overbought zone and -pereprodannosti two curves come out of these zones and the price chart and the Stochastic has formed a clear divergence. For an entry point, you can also take an earlier point – the formation of the second peaks (troughs) on Stochastic, as the second peak (trough) usually completes its formation with a delay of one or two candles. In this case it is possible to obtain more profits.

To find the signal confirming the input position are constructed in the graph line rates and indicators named above in the 2nd paragraph. Price rebound from the border (or midline) Bollinger band channel trendline or support levels, resistance increases the likelihood of the right turn of the price and the movement in the other direction. Preferably the presence of topping pieces.

Closing price of the moving average MA8 confirms that the reversal has occurred and the movement in the chosen direction will be continued. It can serve as a basis for building up the position.

Close positions should be when the stochastic lines reached a level opposite the zone (or the price has reached the opposite Bollinger band or border equidistant channel).

The size of the positions – a total of not more than 1/10 of the deposit. If the price has gone in the right direction and is set to breakeven, the search for new divergence on other pairs and finding also includes a lot (lots) of not more than 1/10 of the deposit.

Stop-losses are required, and depending on the pair, timeframe and market volatility ranging from 40 to 70 points.

1. Divergence on Stochastic

The screenshot 1 shows bovine Divergence on Stochastic D1 EUR / USD. Price rebound from the lower boundary of the Bollinger Bands.

Entry Point – 1.3035,

Closing price – 1.3217. Manually.

Stop-loss – 1.2965 (not shown).

2. Divergence on Stochastic

The screenshot 2 on the left side shows bovine Divergence on Stochastic (H 4, NZD / USD).

Entry Point – 0.7492,

Closing price – 0.7567. Manually.

Stop-loss – 0.7422 (not shown).

On the right side of bearish divergence on Stochastic.

Entry Point – 0.7759,

Closing price – 0.7697. Manually.

Stop-loss – 0.7829 (not shown).

Showing rebounds from the boundaries Bollinger.

3. Divergence on Stochastic

3 shows the screenshot bear on Stochastic Divergence (D1, XAU / USD).

Entry Point – 1654.49,

Closing price – 1585.55. Manually.

Stop-loss – 1656.00 (not shown).

Rebound from the Bollinger Bands border.

At all not shown screenshots stop losses in order not to encumber the drawing with additional lines. Their values ​​are given in the text.

================================================== =========

P.S .: I would like to hear your suggestions on the confirmation divergence indicators and / or alternative entry points.

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Is Eurogroup reconcile Germany and Greece Providing

Is Eurogroup reconcile Germany and Greece? Providing bailout questioned

Today ministers
Finance Eurozone and Greece third
again meet to try again
come to a common agreement. will
extend the bailout program for Greece
after Germany on Thursday
rejected attempts to change the terms of Athens
the current agreement – while under

Yesterday, Athens and Berlin
exchanged mutual claims that
again showed to what
extent complicated relations of Greece
and Germany after the coming to power of the left
SYRIZA coalition. Greek government
It confirms that it will not change
the wording of its request for an extension
aid program – it simply gives
the possibility of the Eurogroup on Friday to take
the proposal or reject it. About
This writes The Financial Times. "it
It shows who wants to find
decision, and who is not", – he told the newspaper
one of the Greek officials.

Germany, as reported
Bloomberg, at the meeting demanded
Greece drafting a new request,
which would consist of two or three sentences,
talking about what she asks for extension
the current program and is ready to perform
all conditions.

By the way, the final request
Greece looks like this: the government
asks countries to extend assistance program
"on mutually acceptable financial and
administrative conditions". Again
the representative of Germany said on
meeting of the working group that the Greek
policy deliberately used this
formulation and to fear it
"Trojan horse" – that phrase can
used for the destruction of the present
cooperation schemes. The letter also
nowhere does not explicitly refer willingness
Greece to checks and inspections by
creditors. As reported back in
midweek, Athens promise not
take unilateral steps and
We are willing to strive for a successful conclusion

According to Berlin’s
He writes The Wall Street Journal, any rash
Athens concessions may be dangerous
than a Greek exit from the eurozone, because
they can give effect to the left
populist parties in other European
countries – in Spain or Portugal,
eg. Other members of
European Union are more
peacefully and believe that the fact of
letters of request direction is already
a good sign, it means ready to Athens

Recall that before
Greece refuses to do
the extension of the current conversation
program and its policy asked for
bridge loan for three months, and during this
time to negotiate and revise
all conditions of cooperation with creditors.

According to the respondents
edition of The Financial Times Europe
officials, a compromise Friday quite
It can be achieved. If Greece’s application
is rejected, the country actually
March 1 remains without external support
– The European Central Bank will roll
aid program Greek banks, and
They soon encounter
lack of money for debt service.
The most pessimistic scenario – it
Greek exit from the eurozone.

By 10:19 on MSK EUR / USD pair continued reduction and trading at 1.1346 (0.19% drop).

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Hedging positions

Hedging positions

Counselor tries to save losing trades. Start the robot on a graph, and as soon as the robot detects the graph open transaction or series of transactions, opened by hand or by any other advisor robot instantly calculate a common point bezubytka, and begin to pull them out of the drawdown, not depending on the number of deals and their type, the transaction can be for buying and selling, to any IDs.

The robot is able to identify and monitor any order. After all calculations EA will deliver all orders to the general bezubytka and close them with a certain percentage of profit.

The robot is actively used in both manual and automated trading. Advisor is able to operate both independently and as an adjunct to any other adviser. Connect the robot to another counselor is very easy, just run the robot on a separate schedule for the same currency pair is running on your skills, and he immediately turns to the work.

For manual trading robot is equipped with a very convenient portable control panel orders from a chart with many different functions.

Default EA is set up for a couple GBPUSD with period M30, but it is a universal trading system, and the robot can be set to any pair and any time. Recommended deposit for trade from 1000 dollars per 0.01 the starting bid.


  • AutoSettings – automatic setting flag advisor (to disarm while optimizing the parameters and use their own settings);
  • AvtoTrade – Flag enable automated trading;
  • PeriodEA – period of the adviser;
  • isNewBar – Flag enable work on opening prices;
  • MM– automatic management of capital;
  • Lot– fixed lot;
  • Risk – a percentage of the deposit for an automatic money management;
  • StopLossPercentage– stop-loss as a percentage of the deposit;
  • TakeProfitPercentage – take profit as a percentage of the deposit;
  • Slippage – allowable slip;
  • CommentEA – comments to orders;
  • Hedging– permission flag hedging positions;
  • HedgingPercentage – the percentage of the total of all open positions on the chart to be placed the first orders of locks;
  • HedgingMinimum– minimum number of public orders to be placed from the first order podverzhdeniem locks the display unit;
  • HedgingMaximum – the maximum number of open orders for exhibiting first order locks without podverzhdeniya display unit;
  • MaxDistans – maximum deviation of the first open order to be placed in paragraphs locks first order;
  • Corridor – the distance at which the locks are set order;
  • LMagN – ID locks orders (must be difficult to randomly not coincided not with one of the open orders on the chart);
  • CommentLock– Comments to the locks orders;
  • ProfitPercentage– percentage of profits to close all orders on the chart;
  • Multiplication– multiplier locks orders;
  • HedgingTrades – the maximum number of locks orders;
  • Spread – maximum spread;
  • UseTime – work on time;
  • BeginTime– Start of Trading;
  • EndTime – completion of trade;
  • UseTrailing– work permit flag trawl;
  • TrailingStart– trawl start;
  • StepTrailing – trawl step;
  • Breakeven – Flag permission to translate orders into the black;
  • NoLoss – breakeven;
  • MinProfitNoLoss – bezubytka profit;
  • Comments – Displays comments on the chart with detailed information about the course of trade;
  • GlobalDel– Flag permission to delete all global variables in removing advisor from a chart;
  • Delta – offset from the current price to pending orders;
  • Dpips – discrete stops changing;
  • Dlot– discrete lot changes;
  • Dpr – discreteness% change;
  • Confirmation – confirmation of order management operations with graphics;
  • TradeNoLossBuy– foot from bezubytka level for buy orders;
  • TradeNoLossSell – foot from bezubytka level for sell orders;
  • Magic – ID (if any -1 the identifiers is valid only for orders controlled by a trade panel);
  • PlayS – sound operations;
  • MoveWindow – permission flag on the movement control panel orders from the chart.

Hedging positions

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Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview EURUSD

Forex: Ichimoku Clouds. Overview EUR / USD


four-hour graph. Tenkan-sen line is above Kijun-sen, both of them are directed upward. Chinkou Span line is approaching the price chart above.
Cloud recently been turned downward to upward. The pair is trading within the
clouds, the borders of which are levels of support (1.1346) and resistance

Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview EURUSD


On the daily chart
Tenkan-sen line is below the Kijun-sen, both lines are horizontal. Chinkou Span line is below the price chart,
current cloud – downward. After prolonged drop vapor
corrected to the level of Tenkan-sen. The nearest resistance level
is the Kijun-sen line (1.1471). The estimated level of support – one of the
previous minima line Chinkou Span (1.1203).

Forex Ichimoku Clouds Overview EURUSD

Key levels

Support levels:
1.1346, 1.1203.

Resistance: 1.1402, 1.1471.

trading recommendations

on the four-hour
chart the pair is trading within the cloud, and on the day we see correction
downward movement. Deferred items for sale should put under the bottom
boundary cloud (1.1346) to 1.1203.

Anastasia Glushkov

Analyst LiteForex Investments Limited

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GMomentum test

GMomentum test

This indicator is designed to demonstrate the potential of cluster filters and is a supplement to the article “Creating digital filters nonretarded time.” It contains a set of tests, through which the individual nuances of behavior of this type of filter can be explored.

Input parameters

All tests are made on the basis of the Momentum indicator.

Method – method of calculating the Momentum:

  • Relative Momentum – Relative Momentum, the calculation is done as in Uilyama Blau. Installed by default.
  • Absolute Momentum – the absolute momentum, the calculation is carried out similar to the built-in momentum of the terminal.
  • Price Rate of Change – calculated as the ROC indicator.

All the indicators line identical and differ only in the vertical axis scale. All the descriptions of tests will be made for the relative momentum.

max bars – the number of bars for the calculation. Default 1000.

Filter – operation built a clustered filter:

  • Off – the filter is disabled.
  • Test No.1 Advance – the filter setting for the first test, “Effect of advanced anti-aliasing”.
  • Test No.2 Smoothing – the filter setting for the test number two “Smoothing without delay”
  • Test No.3 Impulse – setting for the study of the impulse response of the momentum.

During the second and third test, you can change the sensitivity of the anti-aliasing algorithm pressing the Up and Down with the active display window.

Test 1 Effect of advanced anti-aliasing

For the first demonstration of the need to set the “Filter” in the “Test No.1 Advance” mode.

cluster filter settings to allow the first test often enough to see the effect, which can be called a leading. When operating in this mode, you will not see all of the original anti-aliasing line momentum. Filter seeks out areas where there is a chance to get the effect of advancing. Not surprisingly, it turns out not always, but often enough to be able to notice it.

At first screenshot shows one illustrative plots of the filter. It is worth noting that this is only the appearance of advanced filtering. This impression arises solely because of the presence of noise movement itself unsmoothed line momentum, not because the filter ahead of time.

Test 2. Smoothing without delay

In the first test, it was shown that when the original line momentum is wrong (noise) against the trend, it has the effect of advancing the baseline smooth line. It is clear that the momentum of the line can be wrong, and in the opposite direction, that is suddenly slip away in the direction of the trend, and even obscenely long stay there, although the trend has reversed. It would be logical if the filter will begin to slow down such movements.

You can see how the algorithm works in the filtration’s leading trend of errors. For this startup indicator must set the “Filter” in the “Test No.2 Smoothing”. cluster filter operation during this test is divided into two parts.

The short name of the indicator “GMomentum (Option 1, Option 2)” is displayed in the graph pane, in brackets there are two options. If the second parameter is set to -1, then an attempt is made to correct (flatten) the error, forward-trend. If the second parameter is equal to or greater than zero, then connect setting for the advanced anti-aliasing. Use the keyboard Up and Down buttons to change the sensitivity of the filter.

The second screenshot shows that, despite the sharp price movements and the original line of momentum, the momentum line smoothing takes place without delay. With sufficient smoothing obtain acceptable entry point. 

By the way, to the flat areas are the most trouble indicators. Here, even when these options, some of them easily degenerate almost in a straight line. Theoretically, using this technique, it is possible to improve any of the existing indicators, without creating an additional delay.

Test 3 Study of impulse response

Research momentum with built-in filter characteristics can be very amusing. For example, the impulse response of a good demonstration of how and where the peaks on the momentum line using the settings for the second test disappear. For the third test, you must set the “Filter” in the “Test No.3 Impulse”. During the test, a single pulse is applied to each of 1024 bar. After starting the indicator locate the point on the graph. It should look as shown on the third screenshot.

At start indicator is disabled. Therefore, you will see two peaks in the blue and red lines. One peak is a single pulse and the time it is, the other directed in the opposite direction through a specified number of periods. That’s what the impulse response of “naked” momentum. Further, using the keyboard keys Up and Down The, gradually increase or decrease the sensitivity of the filter.

It can be seen that the filter gradually under the root “eats” the second peak and does not touch the first. Filter completely corrects what done momentum and exactly reconstruct the original picture: a single pulse in the open field. There is no delay. No distortion of the unit pulse amplitude and shape. What is it? Work perfect filter? 

For more information, see “Creating digital filters nonretarded time.”

GMomentum test


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GBPUSD general analysis

GBP / USD: general analysis

Current trend

After the fall of the pound last week continues
consolidate laterally channel. waiting for us pretty busy this week
economic statistics, important release will be the decision on interest
the rate of the Bank of England and the report on inflation in the UK. In the United States will
published data on the unemployment rate, the number of new jobs outside
with / x and the index of business activity. The last of the index will be released today,
forecasts he should grow up a bit. Also today, in the first half of the day
will appear on consumer credit data in the UK, which will
a direct reflection of the desire to spend money consumers. In the case of high
figure is expected to increase the currency pair to the level of 1.5457. But if the movement
may continue up to the mark 1.5340.

Support and resistance levels

The nearest resistance level is maximum
Friday’s trading 1.5457. Support is a two-week low 1.5340.

trading recommendations

Expectations of positive statistics on the US on Thursday and Friday
will put pressure on the British currency all week, so
it is recommended to open short positions from the level of 1.5410 and 1.5340 for the purpose of
protective orders in the area of ​​1.5460.

GBPUSD general analysis

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Account Protection

Account Protection

This simple EA protects your account against unexpected major subsidence caused by the work of other advisors. The product is designed to supplement the counselors do not have their protection against subsidence mechanisms.

Many trading robots that are sold in the store, do not allow to adjust the drawdown. Of course, if your position is closed by margin calls due to the adviser, in excess of the allowable losses, to do something too late. Account Protection Advisor allows you to avoid this situation by closing your position immediately upon reaching a certain level of drawdown (in percent) or after a specified time.

Warning: Use the product at your own risk. Make sure that your trading strategy adviser compatible with Account Protection work. Otherwise there is a risk of large losses.


  • PercentageToClose = 80.0: Close your position when it reaches the specified value equity (as a percentage of the account balance). Thus, if the equity of your account falls to 80% of all trades are closed. Maximum drawdown in this case would be 20%
  • FiftyPercentAlarm = false: Activate an alert if the drawdown is already halfway to the value of the previous parameter (in this example, the alert triggered when a 10% loss)
  • TewntyPercentAlarm = false: Activate an alert if loss left to grow for another 20% to the value of the first parameter (in this example, the alert triggered when a 16% loss)
  • CloseTime = false: True if all transactions are closed at certain parameter alarm time.
  • alarm = 145: The closing of all transactions at CloseTime, to true. Use the time of your broker. For example, to close all trades at 8:55 brokerage time, enter 855. To close the deal at 20:55, enter 2055
  • XpanelDistance = 1250: The location of the dashboard. Increasing the value is shifted upwards to the right panel. With a decrease – up to the left.

Account Protection

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