Super Mart

Super Mart

Operating procedure

The adviser works on any timeframe on any currency pairs. When the paper analyzes the relative position of the MA. In the event of the necessary conditions is the opening of a pending order.

Advisor does not open the following order, until you close the previous one. When you open orders analyzed server time. Opening of orders occurs only in the most appropriate trading period. When opening the volume ratio of the lot used. Lot size changes in the bidding process.

All that is necessary for the adviser is to set six parameters.


  • Set_Lots – the amount of lots opened the first in a series of orders. Recommended value – 0.1.
  • Set_CloseProfit – the profit at which the bid closing. Recommended value – 10.
  • Set_CloseLoss – loss, at which the bid closing. Recommended value – 10.
  • Set_Soef_Fast – coefficient characterizing the fast average MA. Recommended value – 5.
  • Set_Soef_Slow – coefficient characterizing slow average MA. Recommended value – 1.
  • Set_Time_Frame_Minut – timeframe in which the calculation is done MA in minutes. Recommended value – 5.


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