OandaX 5 Ratio

OandaX 5 Ratio

products series OandaX designed to display additional data on orders and positions provided by the service oanda FxLabs.

Indicator OandaX Ratio for the last display of relevant information for the instrument from the source specified in the settings. For the continuous updating of data requires that the adviser working in the terminal OandaX 5 Download Manager. To display the data already downloaded presence advisor optionally employed.

At the moment, the indicator can display:

  • the ratio of traders position Percentage
  • the ratio of traders position in absolute terms (the number of traders who have long or short positions), if the data source supports
  • the ratio of lots of positions in absolute terms, if the data source supports


  • Data source – source data to display
  • What kind of data to display – kind of data – the percentage of the number of traders and the number of lots
  • Use Custom Instrument – if True, data will be displayed for the tool specified in the setting Custom Instrument Name, if False, data for the current tool.
  • Custom Instrument Name – tool name whose data you want to display. To display the data on EURUSD it is necessary to prescribe “EUR_USD“Gold -“XAU_USD
  • UTC Offset. Set like “3” or “-2” if custom – UTC offset of your broker‘s server. If you specify “AUTOIndicator will use the offset computed advisor OandaX Download Manager.

OandaX 5 Ratio


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