Next deadline for Greece Five days before disaster

The next deadline for Greece. Five days before the disaster

Greece did not time left.
In early April, the government should
will make payments on bonds
– and will not be able to do so, unless
receives fresh tranche from creditors
from the euro zone.

the fact that the clock has already started ticking, with
rather alarmingly, an additional
pressure on the country continues to grow.
On the ECB this week ruled out Greek
banks from its program of buying up
short-term government debt
securities (the analog of our T-bills). These papers were
an important source of funding for
Greek government for
this stressful period.

this week, Greek Prime Minister Alexis
Tsipras met in Germany with Angela
Merkel, in another attempt to weaken
the tension between the two countries.
The visit seems to have been useful, but with Greece
and have not removed the requirement to hold a number
economic reforms and to allow external
intervention in the economy. otherwise
country will not receive more money from the EU.
Greece was given another “last time”
and this term – Monday. After five
days country must submit a plan
reforms and prove to his colleagues
the eurozone that its “repair”
in the economy will lead the country into conformity
high requirements. If colleagues
agree to this plan – the country will receive
1.3 billion euros, which will pay for
its debt obligations. – if not, apparently, it is declared defaulted.

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