Losing Trades Hedger

Losing Trades Hedger

Advisor trying to save your losing trades, placing pending orders on the entrance level of the market, as well as the stop-levels (stop loss hedged trade).


  • Lots – items that are added when triggered pending orders in the entry level market, as well as a stop at your initial order (stop loss hedged trade of your first order).
  • Magic Number – in case you want to trade multiple currencies in multiple charts.
  • Order comment – so you know what kind of deal is placed adviser.


  1. The market offers a deal to buy and set the deferred hedging order to sell your stop level (screenshot 1).
  2. When the price hedging sell orders Advisor will set aside an order to buy (screenshot 2) at the level of your initial market order.
  3. When the price reaches the pending order to buy Advisor will set aside an order to sell at your initial hedging warrants (screenshot 3).

And so on, until your losing trades will not be displayed in the profit (the sum of all transactions).

It is recommended to start trading with small lots. This will simplify the work with the losing trades.

Losing Trades Hedger

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