Live ratio Between tow symbols

Live ratio Between tow symbols

This indicator simply divides the main character with another character, and displays the result as a graph (similar to RSI). It also displays the latest value of the ratio in the indicator window.

This helps you to manage hedging or market analysis.

For example, if the price of gold is 1200, and the price of silver – 16, this indicator shows the result of 75 in the indicator window. We’ll also show the history of the results for later prices according to your timeframe. This allows you to find the best prices to hedge two characters. In this example, the price of gold is sometimes increases and silver do not grow with the same pressure as gold. You can define a situation of this indicator and to hedge these characters, selling gold and buying silver.

indicator settings

  • Second Symbol – the exact name of the second character, which will share the current character.
  • Do you want to active alert – Set to true to enable sound notifications.
  • Alert when value more than – if the indicator value is greater than the specified here will be supplied to the alert.
  • Alert when value less than – if the indicator value is below the specified here will be supplied to the alert.

For example, if you open a graph price of gold, and you want to split the price of gold on the price of silver, as the second character must be specified “SILVER”.

Be careful, the second parameter is a character-sensitive, you must enter the name exactly as it appears in the list of terminal symbols.

Live ratio Between tow symbols

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