Integra Module

integra Module

integra Module – semi-automatic trading system.


  • Semi-automated method, in which the trader puts an order, and their adviser accompanies before closing
  • The use of aid to other trading systems, as an assistant to reduce sagging lotnosti series of warrants
  • As a tool that is able to market to the flat portion of lower lotnost sagging series of orders and bring it to the closing of take-profit. 

Algorithms used by the system:

Take profit in the deposit currency, implemented virtually in the form of a graphic line. 

Trailing Stop (trawl profit) realized virtually, but it is possible to connect the physical and offset from the virtual to the set value. 

A storage buffer of profit. The meaning of the following: we have a series of orders that are in loss, and the market is in motion to the flat; If this option is enabled, all earnings, which receives a trader from some of their trade or work overlap module or partial closing of orders is stored in a global variable. After the profit obtained by different methods, will exceed the loss on sagging series parameter setting DefaultProfit, all orders series closed at a loss, thus we take only their income from DefaultProfit, and the money that was earned, albeit closing unresponsive series orders.

The system of “flippers flail” is nothing but the activation without the loss of placing the order, StartOrdLastTral parameter controls, with a series of orders to start trawl without loss.

System partial closing sagging lots. The meaning of the following: we have a series of sagging orders, the last series of the order goes into profit according to the method chosen, and their three

  • When 0, partial nibble off orders
  • If 1, a partial nearest order nibble
  • If two partial order nibble at the distal
  • If 3, partial nibble at the far and near warrants

Profit last order lotnosti produces partial closure according to the selected method. Example: Method 1, the last volume of the order of 0.5, coming in profits, closing 0.1 lots of loss in the penultimate volume of the order of 0.2, to the flat on the movement of the market, which opens at the maximum point of order, coming in profit, produces partial closure of unprofitable orders lotnosti in series.

Orders shut-off system slightly similar to a partial closing of the order, the difference lies in the fact that the system is set the order number, from which it will start to work. When you exit this order in the profits, loss of long-range order overlapping series, exhibited +% of the profits that the system should get at overlapping, closes the order. It turns out the last order blocked the loss of the first and earned little profit% at this overlap. The overlap may be two levels when the last order covers loss far, as well as when the last and penultimate warrant out in profit, covering losses far, the profit is already considered by the percentage of the penultimate.

The system of partial closure and overlapping orders at the coincidence of conditions just does not work, the EA activated system trawl data systems with pass rates in the profits of the trawl line is pulled after the price of the set value, the centerfold prices triggered a particular unit, depending on what activated conditions.

Informative display: inform the trader about the current market situation shows lotnost orders along the lines of their profit / loss, the distance to the bezubytka and draining the deposit, as well as a block of profit, which displays the profit / loss in the currency to / from points on the day, week, month , year. The mapping of the spread and the current price of a currency pair.

Handy graphic trade panel. This panel is realized placing orders for the purchase / sale, as well as the pending stop and limit orders. In the parameters of the adviser to the panel exhibited initial value of the lot and the distance for pending and limit orders, etc. is displayed in the panel list to select the auction or distance. When you close a series of orders for the TP is not triggered stop-limit orders are deleted.

The simplest method of using the assistant:

We have a series of 10 differently directed orders, some of which is at a loss. These orders and tracking controls adviser. Looking at the situation mean that the algorithm of the adviser can not cope with the situation and a series of orders must be closed in such a way as not to reduce the amount of the deposit, but also earn a little.

Set to another currency pair chart Integra Module with the same magic-orders as in shopping EA. Pre recreating in the strategy tester such a situation, select the appropriate options trade-ins, so it easily on the slightest market movements could begin partial closure orders and work sagging ceilings. As a result, when paired advisor and module, as well as helping the manual panel, exposing the course of the market order, 2-3 days in most cases a lower lotnost series and close it on TA.

Integra Module

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