European stocks rose on Monday

European stocks rose on Monday,

yesterday, the European
stock exchanges favorably
responded to mitigation requirements
commercial banks in China. it
suggests that in the near future
China’s economy will be fine
stimulated, and therefore increase
the intensity of trade with
European markets.

Stoxx Europe 600 up
0,8%, FTSE 100 rose by 0.82%; SAS
40 firmed 0.86%. 1.74 bounced DAX,
after playing a little drop of
Following last week.

mostly Chinese news acted
in the primary sector, in Europe very
revived mining companies.
BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto increased
quotes 2.5% each.

news also had an impact on
indexes. Tesco Plc fell
0.7%: tomorrow it will publish its annual
statements for the previous financial
year, but the press already leaked
rumors that a major fixed

HSBC Holdings, on the contrary,
added 2.3% of value after low
recommendation from Goldman Sachs.

5.2% jumped
stock price Telenet Group Holding:
Belgian telecommunications
the company buys its division
Dutch rival Royal
KPN NV-Base for 1.33 billion euros.

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