DI Buy Sell Pending

DI Buy Sell Pending

Assistant after initialization exposes pending orders (for the purchase, sale, or in both directions at the user’s option) at a predetermined distance in points from the market price. Also implemented a trailing stop.

Advisor will be useful for traders that trade on the news, as well as for quick setting of the pending order.


  • BuyStop Send – Do I need to put a pending order to buy
  • SellStop Send – Do I need to put a pending order for sale
  • Take Profit – taking profits, in paragraphs couples
  • Stop Loss – Fixes loss in paragraphs couples
  • Lot Size – The amount of positions
  • Open Order Interval – Interval setting orders, the market price
  • Comments – Comment to the order
  • slippage – slippage in points
  • Magic – Magic number adviser
  • Enable Trailing – Include a trailing stop
  • Trailing Signal – The deviation of the price to trigger the trailing
  • Trailing Level – A new level of Stop Loss. If the value is negative then the Stop Loss goes to breakeven

DI Buy Sell Pending


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