Video Maks Kayzer power of banks over people

Video: Maks Kayzer. The power of the banks over the people over the edge

Another series of “Survey
Max Kaiser “- about the power of the bankers
and banks in the world. Leading transmission – Stacy
Herbert and Maks Kayzer, this time talking about how the Irish saved the
Permanent TSB Bank from bankruptcy by taxpayers
beg to treat them honestly
(Once they have agreed to the bank
mortgages at floating interest rates,
which at times were higher key rates
ECB – more than 4,2% on the loan,
whereas the ECB rate – 0.05%). Irish
We were in a position exclusively
because of their spineless policy
government, said Max, and victims
taxpayers and mortgage holders
should unite and organize boycotts
such wicked bankers.

The second part of the transmission
devoted to an interview with actor Russell
Brand on a new documentary
about the financial crisis of 2008 – “Emperor’s New Clothes.” This
film, according to the authors, explains,
why now more than ever it is important to communicate
people the truth. Maks Kayzer also says,
What is the cause of poverty in the UK,
and why fiatnye currency lead to


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