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Scalping Advisor Designed for long-term traders, who prefer not to hurry. Usage envelopes (Envelope) to enter the search, as well as the standard deviation as a filter. Advisor is suitable for use during trending or sideways market.

Since it is a scalper, each transaction is closed, when the profitIt becomes equal lot“On cent account, or”lot x 100“On a standard account, or”Lot x 10“Account with a lot size of 10,000.

Recommended settings

  • Leverage – any.
  • Currency pair – Any.
  • SecondOrder – for different pairs you want to set a different value, optimize before use.
  • Recommended VPS-hosting.

Input parameters

  • Lots – lots size.
  • LotMultiplyer – Lot multiplier for the next layer martingale.
  • SecondOrder – number of pips for the next layer martingale.
  • Slippage – slip for the current broker.
  • StandardDeviationPeriod – filter value. Specify the optimum value in accordance with your broker.
  • DevGuard – filter value. Increasing this value may reduce the number of transactions, but the ratio of winnings increase.
  • Maxrisk – the maximum risk of using the martingale. Use this setting to limit the number of open trades. After achieving this, all trades will be closed limit.
  • LossRecovery – loss recovery. If enabled, the adviser will restore the loss, changing the size of the lot next deal.
  • TimeRestrict – in this parameter has 2 features, one of which allows to close all transactions at midnight, and the second – to close the transaction is at the intervals indicated below.
  • Cut_Loss – way to limit losses, the choice between using martingale or stop-loss.
  • Monday – allow an adviser to trade on Monday.
  • Start_time_Monday – during the start of trading on Monday.
  • End_time_Monday – time of the end of trade on Monday.
  • Tuesday – allow an adviser to trade on Tuesday.
  • Start_time_Tuesday – the start of trade Tuesday.
  • End_time_Tuesday – time of the end of trade on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday – allow an adviser to trade on Wednesday.
  • Start_time_Wednesday – during the start of trading on Wednesday.
  • End_time_Wednesday – trade end time on Wednesday.
  • Thursday – allow an adviser to trade on Thursday.
  • Start_time_Thursday – the start of trade on Thursday.
  • End_time_Thursday – time of the end of trade on Thursday.
  • Friday – allow an adviser to trade on Friday.
  • Start_time_Friday – the start of trade on Friday.
  • End_time_Friday – time of the end of trade on Friday.

additional Features

  • Upon reaching the margin level of more than 70% of the equity advisor cease open transaction.
  • Instead of using conventional martingale in this EA was added to a turning martingale. Select the appropriate one can be using the panel on the screen. What is a turning Martingale? Download a free demo version and see for yourself.
  • With the help of the economic calendar (https://www.mql5.com/ru/economic-calendar) you can specify the trading time for certain days of the week. You can disable trading operations for any of the day, if there are no major events.
  • This means that trade only takes place during the events you have selected.
  • For opponents of using martingale it is possible to include a stop loss in place of the martingale.
  • To avoid over-trading, you can also allow live trading only once per hour.
  • For security purposes, you can set the mode of closing all existing orders at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that the past performance of the EA does not guarantee similar results in the future. Results may vary depending on market conditions. Do not use in trade money you can not afford to lose.


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