Pip Blizzard

Pip Blizzard

Fully automated trading robot on the basis of short-term breakdown.

Advisor uses statistical data to determine the location of reliable support and resistance levels.


  • 100% automated trading
  • Do not use a risky strategy
  • Use pending orders
  • All transactions are protected by a stop loss
  • There is a function of protection against the spread
  • Optimized to meet current market conditions (since 2007)


  • The minimum deposit is $ 100
  • EURUSD or GBPUSD H1 timeframe
  • ECN-broker with low spreads, low commission and good performance.
  • VPS with minimal network latency
  • For more information, contact me


  • Lots – the lot size per trade. Use 0 to turn risk management
  • Risk – the risk of a deal
  • Stop Loss – Stop Loss in pips
  • Take Profit – Take Profit in pips
  • Trailing Start – start trailing in pips
  • Trailing Step – step trailing in pips
  • Trailing Stop – a trailing stop in pips
  • Max Spread – the maximum spread in pips
  • Max Average Spread – the maximum average spread in pips
  • Commission – Commission on 1 full lot
  • Magic Number – the magic number for orders
  • Trade Comment – a comment for orders

Pip Blizzard

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