Orders Indicator

Orders Indicator

i-Orders – a simple indicator to monitor proprietary trading or to analyze someone’s account.

I use it for so long, I can not imagine what it looks like the schedule without these arrows, lines and numbers with trading results.

Settings allow you to:

  • change the size and location of the control buttons (Control buttons size, Control buttons corner)
  • disable the display of the open or closed positions (Show OPENED, Show CLOSED, Show PENDING)
  • change the color of arrows and lines separately for winning and losing a buy and a sell position (Color for profitable /losing BUYs / SELLs)
  • change the style and thickness of the lines connecting the point of opening and closing of the transaction (Open-Close lines width, Open-Close lines style), Add to these points, the text labels (Open price labels width, Close price labels width)
  • toggle the display of the profit in the deposit currency, or percentage points (Show profit in money / points / percents), Set up the display precision profit (Number of digits to show)
  • change the font and size of text (Font, font size)
  • note SL and TP levels dashes (Show SL and TP dashes), Connect them custom line thickness and style to the opening price (SL and TP vertical lines width, SL and TP vertical lines style)
  • display the expiry of pending orders (if specified) in the form of a line (Expiration lines width / style) With text comment (expiration comment)
  • enable the display of levels bezubytka buy and a sell position (BreakEven type, Line width / style, BreakEven color for BUYs / SELLs)
  • select the display mode of spread in one of four ways (options Spread type, Width, Style, Ask color, Bid color, Rectangle color, Text color)
  • display only the specified transaction MagicNumber,
  • limit the depth of the display to save the history of your computer’s resources (Max history deals)
  • watch cent accounts, the transfer of profits to the usual dollars.

It is also possible to download the transaction is not in the history of the account, and from csv-file received from the monitoring service.

Save the file in the folder “\ Data Directory \ MQL4 \ Files \” and enter its name when the Trigger i-Orders (parameter Report file name) – and you will see the deal on the chart in its terminal. For correct display you need to specify the correct time offset (Time shift).

In the first line of the log file must be available column names: “Open Date, Close Date, Symbol, Action, Lots, Open Price, Close Price”. Examples from the report file can be found here.

Orders Indicator


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