Multicurrency Analyzer

Multicurrency Analyzer

Indicator Multicurrency Analyzer is ready to assist us in the analysis of the market situation, so use this opportunity to try a variety of options for its use.

The first method that I have used is as follows: The graph NZDUSD I selected site from a local minimum to the current value. Marked by a vertical signal line of the indicator chart, this site and get the following picture:

Multicurrency Analyzer

The indicator table identified at the site "Force" currency in the following order: 1.NZD 2.CHF 3.CAD 4.AUD 5.JPY 6.EUR 7.GBP 8.USD.

After that, with the help of the indicator I counted "force" currency in each time interval, are determined using ZigZag indicator and totaled an additional table, which is presented below:

Multicurrency Analyzer

It is also possible to make a table with the standard time intervals, such as changes per day. What better way, I have not decided yet, I’ll think and to consult, as if they are users of the site reviews, will be very happy!

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis indicator is to identify the strongest and weakest currency, and the choice on the basis of the currency pairs, which is expected to trade. I suppose that it is necessary to enter into a transaction on a pullback from the mainstream movement.

I added a table with a standard week time span:

Multicurrency Analyzer

The final table: standard daily time periods:

Multicurrency Analyzer

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