Due to relocation of Moscow stock exchange in

Due to the relocation of the Moscow stock exchange in a new data center costs of brokers to grow by a third

trade system
Moscow stock exchange, now at
data center M1, will move in the next year
in the data center DataSpace. brokers have to
will follow her, so as not to lose
millisecond, important when high
trade. This was reported today
“Vedomosti” newspaper.

trading exchange system is located in
data center M1, there is also
60 equipment of its customers – it’s banks,
brokers and physical persons. approximately half
of these stores in M1 also additional
equipment. Large brokers holding
70% of the turnover on the Moscow Stock Exchange, is located
their equipment near a shopping
system to minimize the risk

“Every millisecond
delays cost tens or hundreds of thousands
dollars “, – says former managing
Director of Alfa-Bank Denis Soloviev.

However, with the move in
DataSpace, most likely, many brokers
You have to buy new equipment
– about $ 10 thousand.
for the trading server, they need to be 5-10, plus
even the cost of the license, transfer and
loss when moving.

Moscow Exchange chose
DataSpace, because the processing center
Data for maximum
security and is certified
operating stability of Tier III Gold (in
world only five such centers). simultaneously
that DataSpace is one of the most
reliable, it is also the most expensive.
Most likely, the top thirty brokers
Exchange will provide favorable conditions for the
accommodation, the new rates will increase
above all in the third.

Special lease conditions of the data center
directly (e.g., for
placement of additional equipment)
It is still under discussion between the parties
trading and DataSpace. The most important thing is now able to do is fix
rates in rubles. Above rates
discussed in the currency. final rates
and accommodations for brokers
the new data center will be announced in May, promises
Moscow Exchange. Brokers are waiting for their
publication to calculate costs and
prepare to move.

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