Close Delete Orders Script

Close Delete Orders Script

This script allows you to delete pending orders or close out market positions in the terminal.

Very easy to use.

Download the script to the chart, and it will do the work for you by following the values ​​of input parameters.

Utility to manage your trade.

Input parameters:

  • TypeOrders – order types
    • Only BUY – to remove or cover the purchase only
    • Only SELL – to remove or cover only sale
    • BUY and SELL – to remove or close all
  • Type – type of orders
    • Positions – cover only market orders
    • Only STOP – STOP to delete pending orders
    • Only LIMIT – delete pending orders LIMIT
    • ALL Pendents – delete all pending orders
  • TypeChart – the type of graph
    • Single_Chart – to remove or cover only orders for the symbol on which the script is running
    • ALL – delete pending orders of all symbols

Close Delete Orders Script

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