ACI Bollinger Bands

ACI Bollinger Bands

Tired select setting indicator, losing precious time? Tired of the uncertainty of their optimality? Frightening uncertainty in their profitability? Then ACI indicator (automatically calibrated indicator) is designed for you. Running it, you can easily eliminate these three problems in one simple step – by pressing a single “Calibrate” button. And in order to achieve high efficiency, need only perform another action – move the slider to the maximum capacity.

ACI will save you a lot of time that can be spent on more useful activities such as on vacation, but the efficiency will increase many times. On top, thanks to a separate graphical user interface, you can not only observe, but also to easily change the display settings on the fly, at the same time with the ability to visually select the chart area for their calibration.

Helpful information

If you want to buy more familiar with a similar indicator, then the link, you can try out for free the easiest indicator ACI family, which also contains a video with his demonstration.

calibrated indicator

As used indicator calibrated standard Bollinger Bands, which is present in the terminal. Are used as calibratable parameters:

  1. The period for calculating the average line.
  2. Max standard deviations (bonus parameter).
  3. The shift indicator in relation to the price chart.
  4. The averaging method:
    • simple averaging,    
    • exponential averaging,
    • smoothed average, 
    • linearly-weighted averaging.
  5. Used Price:
    • closing price, 
    • the opening price,  
    • the maximum price for the period,
    • the minimum price for the period, 
    • the median price, 
    • the typical price,
    • the weighted average price.

To calculate the quality (profitnye) using traditional signals to input and output:
If the price crosses the lower level of the indicator, then we have a buy signal. If the price crosses the upper level of the indicator, it is perceived as a signal to sell.


Automatic calibrator and calibrated by the indicator can be controlled thanks to the graphical interface of ACI, which reduces the number of actions on your part to a minimum. To start the calibration process, you must click on the “Calibrate” corresponding button. When power calibration mark reaches said calibration stop, or else it can be stopped by clicking.

Furthermore calibration, ACI also calculates and displays the fly quality (profitnye) calibrated indicator parameters selected for a specified time section of the chart. The calculation is made by this method in the settings (parameter “Criterion for calibration”). Temporary change of land on the chart, you can use levels. To do this, move the cursor to the upper or lower part of the level, select it and click start moving.

If necessary, you can increase or decrease the power ( “Power”) calibrator by moving the slider on the clockwise or counter-clockwise, respectively, where the dial a transparent area allows you to adjust from 0% to 20% of the total power, green – from 20% to 50 %, and red – from 50% to 100%.

If necessary, one can work with multiple copies of the indicator on the same graph.


The indicator has a lot of settings, ranging from setting calibrated indicator and ending settings GUI ACI.

parameter name
Bollinger Bands default settings 
Default BB Period
The period for calculation of the median line, by default. 
Default BB Deviation  Number of standard deviations, by default.   
The shift indicator relative to the chart by default. 
The averaging method, by default. 
Used Price default. 
Default Power Default power to achieve the calibration.
Maximum Power  Maximum power.
Criterion for Calibration 

Criterion calibration. Method for calculating the quality (profitnye). 
If you select “Total_Net_Profit”, the quality =
total net profit (in pips) – the total net loss (in pips).
If you select “Total_Net_Profit_Total_Drawdown”, then profitnye =
total net profit (in pips) – the total net loss (in pips) –
the total of all signals maximum drawdown (in pips).
As the prices are the only bars’ closing prices.

Selected interval of the chart 
Start bar  Bar to indicate the start time segment.
Finish bar  Bar to indicate the end time segment.
Bollinger Bands regulator settings 
The period for calculation of the median line, at least.
Minimum BB Deviation    Number of standard deviations, minimum. 
The shift indicator relative to the chart, at least.
The method of averaging, minimum.
Used price, at least.
The period for calculating average line, max.
Maximum BB Deviation     Number of standard deviations, maximum.  
The shift indicator relative to the chart, maximum.
The method of averaging, maximum.
Used price maximum.
UI panel settings 
Panel size The size (in pixels) of the panel. 0 – automatic calculation of the size.
Panel Transparent The level of transparency of the panel. 0 – fully visible, 100 – completely transparent.
Panel color The main color of the panel.
Font color of panel Color panel fonts.
Quality color  Color quality index (profitnye).

ACI Bollinger Bands

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MCAD – an abbreviation of MultiCurrency Accumulation /Distribution (multi-currency accumulation-distribution), which should not be confused with the well known MACD. MCAD calculates the relative strength of the accumulation-distribution of the volumes for individual currency Forex (i.e. their impact synthetic isolated from currency pairs), indexes, CFD and other groups of symbols. It uses a standard formula for the distribution, storage (Wikipedia article) and can be used as a tick volume and a pseudo-real volumes (volumes synthesized introduced specifically for Forex, where the real volume is not available).

MCAD CCFpExtra similar to, but whereas CCFpExtra shows the relative strength of price movements by themselves, MCAD further includes a calculation of the volume, which is considered an advantage. MCAD actually works as oscillator volumes and allows to make the analysis more sensitive and rapid.

Like other multi-cluster displays the author, this indicator has the following features:

  • supported tickers and arbitrary groups of currencies: Forex, CFD, futures, spot, indexes;
  • are aligned bars of different characters in time in view of possible omissions bars, including when trading symbols different schedules;
  • per can participate up to 30 tools (but only the first 8).


  • Instruments – tool list, separated by commas;
    • Instruments should have a common currency;
    • Forex symbol is selected from either the base currency or quote currency is the only component that is present in all the characters; other tickers (not FX) when the auto-negotiation fails, the common currency is taken from the parameter DefaultBase (Here the word ‘base’ denotes a common basis between all tickers and not in the base currency Forex context);
    • The default tool list includes Forex major currencies EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD;
    • note that the NZDUSD is not available on some demo servers, so do not forget to edit the list accordingly;
  • DefaultBase – the common currency; It used only if the auto-detection does not work;
  • Fast – a period of rapid moving average by default 1;
  • Slow – period of slow moving average, default 7;
  • All_Bars – the number of bars for the calculation, 1000 The default of 0 means all the bars;
  • BarByBar – value false Scaling zero bar on each tick, true (Default) – the calculation is only at the beginning and at the end of the bar;
  • Surrogate – inclusion option (true) or disable (false) mode calculations using pseudo-real volumes; default – false, ie, use tick volume;
  • ShowLegend – enables / disables the output of the legend in the upper left corner sub window indicator;
  • SmoothingType – the choice of method of calculation of the moving average (by default, “simple average”).


The screenshots 1-5 indicator is shown on the charts with different symbols, M15. Screenshots 6 and 7 allow to compare readings of the indicator when disconnected (6) and included (7) D1 surrogate volumes.


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Oil quotes rose slightly on news of reduction

Oil quotes rose slightly on the news of the reduction in US stocks

On Thursday morning, to 9:09
MSK price of the September futures
Brent crude rose to $ 49.71
a barrel (+ 0.16%). The price of WTI futures
dropped slightly – to $ 45.13
a barrel (-0.04%). World oil prices
showed a positive trend
today after the release of statistics on the
stocks "black gold" in USA.
Commercial US crude stocks (except
strategic reserves) for the last
week fell by 4.407 million barrels,
while analysts expected a reduction
stocks only 1.494 million barrels – up
458.2 million barrels.

When this oil
in the United States during the week increased by 0.55%, on 52
th. barrels per day. gasoline stocks
increased by 0.8 million barrels – up to 216.7 million

"Oil prices
remain at a low level
with emphasis on the glut", – He speaks
the head of the oil and gas sector
Asia-Pacific companies
EY Sandzhiv Gupta. The expert suggests
that tomorrow’s labor market data
July can greatly affect the value of

A strong statistics
US will support growth of the dollar, which means
convince the Fed of the need to improve
interest rate. Now a strong dollar
prevents the purchase of oil, estimated
in dollars outside the United States.

However, at 9:15 MSK prices
for Brent futures fell
0.31% – up to $ 49.47
a barrel and WTI – at
0.55%, to $ 44.9
a barrel.

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Orders Indicator

Orders Indicator

i-Orders – a simple indicator to monitor proprietary trading or to analyze someone’s account.

I use it for so long, I can not imagine what it looks like the schedule without these arrows, lines and numbers with trading results.

Settings allow you to:

  • change the size and location of the control buttons (Control buttons size, Control buttons corner)
  • disable the display of the open or closed positions (Show OPENED, Show CLOSED, Show PENDING)
  • change the color of arrows and lines separately for winning and losing a buy and a sell position (Color for profitable /losing BUYs / SELLs)
  • change the style and thickness of the lines connecting the point of opening and closing of the transaction (Open-Close lines width, Open-Close lines style), Add to these points, the text labels (Open price labels width, Close price labels width)
  • toggle the display of the profit in the deposit currency, or percentage points (Show profit in money / points / percents), Set up the display precision profit (Number of digits to show)
  • change the font and size of text (Font, font size)
  • note SL and TP levels dashes (Show SL and TP dashes), Connect them custom line thickness and style to the opening price (SL and TP vertical lines width, SL and TP vertical lines style)
  • display the expiry of pending orders (if specified) in the form of a line (Expiration lines width / style) With text comment (expiration comment)
  • enable the display of levels bezubytka buy and a sell position (BreakEven type, Line width / style, BreakEven color for BUYs / SELLs)
  • select the display mode of spread in one of four ways (options Spread type, Width, Style, Ask color, Bid color, Rectangle color, Text color)
  • display only the specified transaction MagicNumber,
  • limit the depth of the display to save the history of your computer’s resources (Max history deals)
  • watch cent accounts, the transfer of profits to the usual dollars.

It is also possible to download the transaction is not in the history of the account, and from csv-file received from the monitoring service.

Save the file in the folder “\ Data Directory \ MQL4 \ Files \” and enter its name when the Trigger i-Orders (parameter Report file name) – and you will see the deal on the chart in its terminal. For correct display you need to specify the correct time offset (Time shift).

In the first line of the log file must be available column names: “Open Date, Close Date, Symbol, Action, Lots, Open Price, Close Price”. Examples from the report file can be found here.

Orders Indicator


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Russian indexes grow ruble strengthened after

Russian indexes grow, the ruble strengthened after lowering the key rate of the Central Bank

As of 14:30 Moscow time on Friday, June 16, the Russian stock market is recovering after three days of decline. The MICEX index is at 1827 points with an increase of 0.5%, while the RTS index is trying to gain a foothold above the mark of 1,000 points, up 1%.

Rusal stock companies are growth leaders, Severstal system and are added at 3.3%, 3.1% and 2.8% respectively.

Market growth is also helping the positive dynamics of the shares of oil companies, which are supported along with oil prices, though many analysts now say that the current growth is due solely to technical aspects as fundamental prerequisites to allocate enough hard.

The Russian ruble is growing. The pair USD / RUB at this time is at 57.48 points with a decrease of 0.6%, while the currency pair EUR / RUB decreased by 0.3% and trading at 64.20 points.

According to the results of today’s meeting of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, it was decided to lower the rate from 9.25% to 9%. Comments regulator were quite cautious because of the bank’s monetary policy remains moderately hard. CBA allocated current decrease inflation expectations and recovery of activity in the economy.

The reason for the growth rate of the Russian ruble at the end of the meeting, analysts called the fact that many experts had expected a rate cut to the level of 8.75%. Yesterday, during a straight line with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin touched on the policy of the Central Bank, where he noted that he supports the idea of ​​a gradual reduction of interest rates, as the exchange rate should remain stable.

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The Tinker

Scalping Advisor Designed for long-term traders, who prefer not to hurry. Usage envelopes (Envelope) to enter the search, as well as the standard deviation as a filter. Advisor is suitable for use during trending or sideways market.

Since it is a scalper, each transaction is closed, when the profitIt becomes equal lot“On cent account, or”lot x 100“On a standard account, or”Lot x 10“Account with a lot size of 10,000.

Recommended settings

  • Leverage – any.
  • Currency pair – Any.
  • SecondOrder – for different pairs you want to set a different value, optimize before use.
  • Recommended VPS-hosting.

Input parameters

  • Lots – lots size.
  • LotMultiplyer – Lot multiplier for the next layer martingale.
  • SecondOrder – number of pips for the next layer martingale.
  • Slippage – slip for the current broker.
  • StandardDeviationPeriod – filter value. Specify the optimum value in accordance with your broker.
  • DevGuard – filter value. Increasing this value may reduce the number of transactions, but the ratio of winnings increase.
  • Maxrisk – the maximum risk of using the martingale. Use this setting to limit the number of open trades. After achieving this, all trades will be closed limit.
  • LossRecovery – loss recovery. If enabled, the adviser will restore the loss, changing the size of the lot next deal.
  • TimeRestrict – in this parameter has 2 features, one of which allows to close all transactions at midnight, and the second – to close the transaction is at the intervals indicated below.
  • Cut_Loss – way to limit losses, the choice between using martingale or stop-loss.
  • Monday – allow an adviser to trade on Monday.
  • Start_time_Monday – during the start of trading on Monday.
  • End_time_Monday – time of the end of trade on Monday.
  • Tuesday – allow an adviser to trade on Tuesday.
  • Start_time_Tuesday – the start of trade Tuesday.
  • End_time_Tuesday – time of the end of trade on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday – allow an adviser to trade on Wednesday.
  • Start_time_Wednesday – during the start of trading on Wednesday.
  • End_time_Wednesday – trade end time on Wednesday.
  • Thursday – allow an adviser to trade on Thursday.
  • Start_time_Thursday – the start of trade on Thursday.
  • End_time_Thursday – time of the end of trade on Thursday.
  • Friday – allow an adviser to trade on Friday.
  • Start_time_Friday – the start of trade on Friday.
  • End_time_Friday – time of the end of trade on Friday.

additional Features

  • Upon reaching the margin level of more than 70% of the equity advisor cease open transaction.
  • Instead of using conventional martingale in this EA was added to a turning martingale. Select the appropriate one can be using the panel on the screen. What is a turning Martingale? Download a free demo version and see for yourself.
  • With the help of the economic calendar ( you can specify the trading time for certain days of the week. You can disable trading operations for any of the day, if there are no major events.
  • This means that trade only takes place during the events you have selected.
  • For opponents of using martingale it is possible to include a stop loss in place of the martingale.
  • To avoid over-trading, you can also allow live trading only once per hour.
  • For security purposes, you can set the mode of closing all existing orders at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that the past performance of the EA does not guarantee similar results in the future. Results may vary depending on market conditions. Do not use in trade money you can not afford to lose.


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Daily technical analysis of “blue chips”

Daily technical analysis of “blue chips”


Bouncing Severstal raises the question of the return of the price to the level of the breached support and now resistance 674. The purpose of the bulls 679-680r. Potential shopping area is April 1 – 645

Recall that on 23 March the price broke through the Severstal major support 674, supporting the idea of ​​a strong downtrend. The first objective Fibonacci breakthrough (674) – 627. The mark of rebound principle 630r deploys upward position in the short term. Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 636.7. Medium-foot sellers are located on 1 April 668.3.


VTB March 31 was tested at least 2015. (0.0591) and lower it to 0.05837, but penetration has not taken place, the price is returned by 6 kopecks.

In the case of a penetration level of 0.0591 price can go to 0.5113. Softer bear embodiment represents a goal from 0.05611 0.06389 resistance level. The opposite option bullish movement from the minimum benchmark 0.0647 gives 0.05837. Short-sellers April 1 foot located at 0.06157, above are medium-foot sellers 0.06262.

Norilsk Nickel

Rebound on Monday March 30, MMC (before the annual report on March 31) raises the question of penetration up the February-March the downward movement corridors to 11219, but levels above 10,500 at the end of March, proved attractive to sellers. Earlier the sale of shares of MMC on the level of 10870 (to 9524) showed a downward force of the corridor, in which the correction of the December-February growth.

Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 9776 (medium-term stops are practically in the same place – on 9893).


Rosneft’s share of the district implemented a rebound mid December and March range (239.07). For bulls originated tangible goal up at 261.11-262.75. Medium-foot buyers placed April 1 at 236.09, short-foot buyers are located almost in the same place – in the area of ​​238.83.

Potential zone near shopping is April 1 – at 249.15

Sberbank of.

According to the action developed in the framework of a bullish rebound downward corridor. His current goal 64.81

Potential shopping area is April 1 – at 62.19.

Bears still a further embodiment of the maximum goal 58.38 26 March 65.8

Short-sellers are foot 1 April – 63.06. Medium-foot vendors placed April 1 at 64.15.


bullish rebound developed by Lukoil. His goal was formulated at the level of 2720. A possible option to continue giving benchmark already in 2828.

Potential shopping area is April 1 – to 2674.

Earlier, the stock almost reached its goal in 2565 (the second goal of the Fibonacci level of penetration of local minimum 26/02/15 – 2895). Even more aggressive variant was played by the strong resistance level of 2753 (up 26 March) – The objective of 2454.

At the level of 2565 is supported – it came after a gap up on 15 January.

Short-foot buyers are April 1 – 2584 (short-sellers were broken foot yesterday at 2684), medium-foot sellers are April 1 at 2744.3.


Dynamics of Gazprom shares at the end of the beginning of this week and revealed intentions rebound. As a result, the actual position at the beginning of the week turned up. Local formulated goal rebound from now to 139.24-141.91. Medium-foot buyers April 1 located at 132.12, short-foot buyers are virtually in the same place at 133.58.

Potential zone near shopping is April 1 – 138.2 below.

After breaking March 10 local minimum level (02/26/15) 149.1 – bears for actualized target total wave motion – 141.99, which was reached on March 13. The second objective Fibonacci after breaking 149.1 (when closing below 141.99) – 130.49 mark.

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Dollar reduced euro strengthened on statistical

Dollar reduced euro strengthened on statistical data

Today, during the
session on Wall Street statistics released
which showed a strong deceleration
American economy. It may
create obstacles to the improvement of
The Fed’s key interest rate. according to
statistics, nearly two-year low
Industrial activity is
sector. Below consensus
there were also labor market data: the number of
of new jobs created in the private
sector declined in annual terms.

On this background
the dollar fell slightly on Thursday. USDJPY
lost 0.08% and 8.10 MSK trading on
mark of 119.65. EURUSD added
0.09% to 1,0772, GBPUSD rose to

Market anxiety directed at the Fed ”
– said Masashi Murata, senior currency
analyst at Brown Brothers Harriman (Tokyo).
– “Now, even if you come on Friday
Wage strong data
agricultural sector, this
the concern is still not fully
leveled. Therefore, the number of
Hunters for the dollar declined. ” lowering
Pressure on the dollar has also decline
ten-year Treasury yields
securities. She slipped below 1.9%.

In contrast,
US statistics, in Europe yesterday
it looked quite optimistic.
Encouraging data received by
Manufacturing activity in the euro area
and added to investor confidence in
that the economy is recovering good pace. alertness
investors on the Greek question –
the only factor that prevented
single currency grow stronger.

commodity currencies, the Canadian benefit
dollar, which benefited from a jump
the price of oil. USDCAD lost
0.13% and trading at 1.2605. Australian
colleague lost 0.14% to American under
pressure on the iron price cuts
ore. Expectations for further easing
monetary policy of the Reserve Bank
Australia, too, affect the weakening
Australian currency. At 8.18 pair AUDUSD
at the level of 0.7588.

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Euro falls before announcement of results of

Euro falls before the announcement of the results of the ECB meeting

By 14:49 MSK pair EUR / USD
I dropped to the level of 1.0594
(0.59% decrease) a closing layer
1.0655. According to analysts, the European
the currency is losing ground because of another
the European Central

Today is the
ECB meeting, which announced
decision on rates. according to
According to information portals, the regulator
It left rates at the same low level
to 0.05%, as analysts had expected. what
As for other rates, economists
predict the rate on deposits
the level of -0.2%, a marginal rate –
around 0.3%.

expect any changes in the program
repurchase assets so quickly. in any
case, the ECB is likely to repeat that
its actions depend on the statistical data".
– said Commerzbank strategist in London, Peter

Investors expect that
ECB meeting today will raise the key
issues, including program
quantitative easing deflation
euro area, the dynamics of the GDP of the eurozone countries. At 15:30 MSK on Wednesday to begin
A press conference by ECB President Mario Draghi,
which is usually strongly influences the course

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Close Delete Orders Script

Close Delete Orders Script

This script allows you to delete pending orders or close out market positions in the terminal.

Very easy to use.

Download the script to the chart, and it will do the work for you by following the values ​​of input parameters.

Utility to manage your trade.

Input parameters:

  • TypeOrders – order types
    • Only BUY – to remove or cover the purchase only
    • Only SELL – to remove or cover only sale
    • BUY and SELL – to remove or close all
  • Type – type of orders
    • Positions – cover only market orders
    • Only STOP – STOP to delete pending orders
    • Only LIMIT – delete pending orders LIMIT
    • ALL Pendents – delete all pending orders
  • TypeChart – the type of graph
    • Single_Chart – to remove or cover only orders for the symbol on which the script is running
    • ALL – delete pending orders of all symbols

Close Delete Orders Script

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