Weak statistics and Greek issue pressured indexes

Weak statistics and the Greek issue pressured indexes Wall Street

session on Wall Street on Monday,
It ended lower major indexes.
There were weak data on industrial
production in the US in May (down
Instead of 0.2% increase), and the Greek question
also does not add enthusiasm to investors.

DJIA lost
0.60%; S P 500 fell
0.46%; Nasdaq Composite fell

investors caused even tense
the expectation of the end of the meeting of the FOMC,
in which members of the Committee on
open markets to discuss the current state of
the US economy and will make a decision
about the size of the base interest rate

just cheaper shares of industrial
companies. For example, Rockwell Automation
It fell to 1.4%.

sector also could not stay on a horse:
Micron Technology fell
3.5%; Microsoft has lost 1.1%.

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