Universal Custom Indicator Demo

Universal Custom Indicator Demo

Your display no warning system?

Your display is not properly display visual signals to the input / output of the position?

Universal Custom Indicator designed to add alerts system of the signals and proper visual display signals to the input / output position of any custom indicator. Universal Custom Indicator can be used with any display, runs the buffers.

expert Features

  • Adding alerts signals in any custom indicator
    • Alert
    • Notification by email
    • Push-notifications
  • Adding to the arrow indicator signals to improve the visual perception
  • Compatible with any user indicator (Buffer basis)

Note: Demo version It is designed to work only on a pair EURUSD. Get the full version via the link: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/16855


  1. Enter the name of the indicator to which you want to add a warning / arrow in the field ‘Indicator_Name’ in the input parameters window (enter the name of the indicator exactly as it appears in your platform. Sensitive and punctuation).
  2. Enter the indicator settings in the ‘Indicator Parameters’ in the input parameters (enter all the parameters, separated by commas).
  3. Type Buy and Sell buffers indicator fields ‘Buy Buffer’ and ‘Sell Buffer’ in the input parameters. (If you do not know the value of the buffer, it is possible to automatically receive buffers).
  4. Enter the required notification settings (Enable / Disable Alert, Enable / Disable notifications to Email, Enable / Disable the mobile device)

Automatic tuning indicator buffers

What is the buffer indicator?: Buffer indicator – it is a signal that is returned by the indicator. We buy signals and sell signals different buffers. Orders for the purchase and sale are opened depending on the buffer.

Automatic adjustment buffersIf you do not know the value of the buffer, it is possible to automatically receive buffers. To automatically receive buffers, follow these steps:

  1. Set Buffer_Selection in meaning Chart Display
  2. On the chart there will be two vertical lines (one blue and one red). Put the blue line on a buy signal, the red on a sell signal.
  3. press Buffer Set, and buffers Buy and Sell will appear on the screen.

Input parameters

  • Indicator_Name: Indicator for modification (case sensitive, sensitive to punctuation – For example: ZigZag, Heiken_Ashi).
  • Indicator_parameters: Display Setting parameters (comma separated – for example: “0,0,0, true, false, 0,0,13”)
  • Indicator_Signal_Shift: Installation signal bar (zero (0) = current bar, one (1) = previous closed bar)
  • Indicator_Time_Frame: Setting a timeframe indicator
  • Buffer_Selection: Buffer selection method (Text = Manual input buffer values, Chart Display = buffers Preparation automatically)
  • Buy_Buffer1: Buffer Buy, if in Buffer_Selection selected Text.
  • Sell_Buffer1: Buffer Sell, if Buffer_Selection selected Text.
  • BARS: The maximum number of bars in the history of the indicator.
  • Push_Notification: Push-notifications (Enable / Disable)
  • send_email: Alert by email (Enable / Disable)
  • use_alert: a visual / audible Alert (Enable / Disable)

Universal Custom Indicator Demo

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