OneTM 5BuySellAlerts

OneTM 5BuySellAlerts

Advanced Recognition trend indicator for MetaTrader 4 which has five (5) complex strategies. It uses the relationship between levels Camarilla, moving averages, Bollinger bands and RSI for detecting a trend that can be used as an additional tool or system. When the shooter for purchase or sale, it is recommended to open for the transaction, and to close when a opposite signals.

  • Unique determine the trend for avoiding false signals and uncertainty of market noise.
  • It delivers good signals to buy or sell with the help of arrows.
  • Suitable for Scalping, long-term and short-term trading (on standard charts and graphs Renko).
  • It is not redrawn.
  • Not late with rendering.
  • It never recalculated.
  • Signals are strictly “Closure of each bar.”
  • It can be used for the development of advisers.

indicator settings

  • Use_Strategy1 – Enable / disable the use of the first indicator of the strategy (true / false)
  • LevelPeriod – levels Camarilla period (any value from 1)
  • LevelStep – The step between levels (any value from 1)
  • Use_Strategy2 – Enable / disable the use of a second display strategy (true / false)
  • HighestLowestPeriod – The period length of the highest and lowest bars (any value from 1)
  • MaxMinPeriod – maximum and minimum period of the highest and lowest bars (any value from 1)
  • Use_Strategy3 – Enable / disable the use of third indicator strategy (true / false)
  • BandwidthPeriod – width period Bollinger bands (any value from 1)
  • BandwidthDeviations – Deviation Bollinger bandwidths (any value from 1)
  • Use_Strategy4 – Enable / disable the use of the fourth indicator strategy (true / false)
  • RSI_Period – RSI period (any value from 1)
  • RSI_AppliedPrice – RSI used price (closing price to the weighted prices)
  • MAPeriod – The period of the moving average (any value from 1)
  • MAMethod – Method of moving average (by simple averaging to linearly weighted)
  • Use_Strategy5 – Enable / disable the display of the fifth strategy (true / false)
  • FastMAPeriod – The period of the fast moving average (any value from 1 (should be less than the value SlowMAPeriod))
  • FastMAMode – Mode fast moving average (by simple averaging to linear-weighted)
  • FastMAPrice – Used Price fast moving average (ie the closing price to the weighted prices)
  • SlowMAPeriod – slow moving average period (any value from 1 (should be greater than SlowMAPeriod))
  • SlowMAMode – Mode of slow moving average (by simple averaging to linear-weighted)
  • SlowMAPrice – Used the slow moving average price (closing price to the weighted prices)
  • BandPeriod – Bollinger bands period (any value from 1)
  • BandStdDeviation – Deviation Bollinger bands (any value from 1)
  • UpArrow_Color and DownArrow_Color – Color arrows.
  • UpArrow_Width and DownArrow_Width – The width of the arrows.

There are also other options to customize the graph colors, line widths, and alerts (pop-up alerts, notifications, and alerts via e-mail).

OneTM 5BuySellAlerts

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