MAXIM Market Mover DEMO

MAXIM Market Mover DEMO

Trading signals given indicator MAXIM Market Mover DEMO, arise from a combination of proven technical methods of analysis, which provides an efficient way FX traders to profit from the market trends in currency crosses G10.
Maxim Market Mover configured as MT4 indicator and applies the following procedure:

  • The crossing of the exponential moving average (EMA).
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI).
  • A plurality of timeframes.
  • Analysis Spread volume (VSA).

Maxim Market Mover identifies bullish and bearish candles, supplemented by simple trading rules to ensure the trader, ie you high-probability trade entry, management system and goals for profit, all at a competitive price.


  • Download required ‘MAXIM Volume Indicator’. Free purchase.
  • Download required ‘MAXIM Range Indicator’. Free purchase.
  • Buy signal – NO
  • A sell signal – YES
  • Alerts – NO

MAXIM Market Mover DEMO


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