The strategy is based on the inputs of the Fibonacci levels and the indicator Stochastic. Buys when Stochastic indicator lines are above the predetermined level and the price is higher than or equal to the opening level of the Fibonacci sequence. Sales Conversely, when the indicator line and the price is below a predetermined level. Adapted for 4- and 5-digit quotes used to VPS-server.

installation expert

Advisor recommended to set simultaneously in several currency pairs allies with the same magic number. For example:

  • or other similar cords Allied pairs.

At the same time allow multitorgovlyu. Inp_Multicurrency – true, the adviser will work as a whole on all the established currency pairs with the same magic number. Upon reaching the preset parameters it profit, drawdown, bezubytka or trailing it will close all unidirectional / multidirectional order and will begin its work again.

To operate the filter must be news: The trading terminal in the menu, open the “Tools” —> “Settings” —> “Expert Advisors” —> add the address “” in the field “Allow WebRequest for the following URL”.

Benefits Expert template

  • Template features compatibility for changes or additions to the trading strategy;
  • The maximum possible functionality that is compatible with each other;
  • Easy to optimize.

Main settings

  • Inp_NewsFilter – prohibit trade during news release;
  • Inp_NewsImpotance – the importance of the upcoming news;
  • Inp_StopBeforeNews, Inp_StartAfterNews – minutes before and after the release of the news that is forbidden to open new positions;
  • Inp_StartTime, Inp_EndTime – the time allowed for trading if it is not used by 00:00;
  • Inp_BalanceLots – calculation of the trading lot on the balance (maximum lot / 100 * Inp_BalanceLots);
  • Inp_StartLots – the starting lot if Inp_BalanceLots = 0;
  • Inp_MaxSlippage – Maximum slippage;
  • Inp_PercenValues – set the stop-loss, take profit, trailing bezubytka and in%, otherwise in points;
  • Inp_StopLoss – stop-loss at 0 not used;
  • Inp_TakeProfit – Take-Profit, at 0 is not used;
  • Inp_MagicNum – the magic number at -1 Advisor will work with absolutely all orders;
  • Inp_EaComment – comment on the transaction;
  • Inp_ReverseTrades – open positions on the contrary, instead of buy- sell, instead of sell- buy;
  • Inp_DiffDirections – Allow to open multidirectional order;
  • Inp_ModeWithdrawal – prohibit open new positions, only work on closing;
  • Inp_Multicurrency – take into account the positions of all characters in the calculation of the stop-loss, take-profit, bezubytka and trailing;
  • Inp_CloseOnSignal – closing positions at opposite signal;
  • Inp_CloseAllOrders – close all multidirectional orders when the total profit or loss;
  • Inp_BreakevenStop, Inp_BreakevenStep – distance and profit in pips for bezubytka position at 0 is not used;
  • Inp_TrailingStop, Inp_TrailingStep – distance and profit in pips for trailing position at 0 is not used;
  • Inp_DiffLotsByLock – lokkirovat difference volume character positions at 0 is not used;
  • Inp_MaxOrdersSeries – the maximum number of orders in one direction;
  • Inp_MaxLotsSeries – the maximum total lot unidirectional series of orders;
  • Inp_MaxOpenLots – maximum lot, which may open the transaction;
  • Inp_SendOrderLevel – the distance from the last open position to set the level of opening of the new order;
  • Inp_PauseMinutes – Pause in minutes between the modification level of discovery and installation orders, while 0 is not used;
  • Inp_LevelAveraging – setting averaging level step at 0 is not used;
  • Inp_PlusLot – the lot from the previous term for the averaging, when 0 is not used;
  • Inp_PlusRatio – Lot magnification factor for the averaging, the value must be greater than 1, 0 is not used;
  • Inp_LevelRebuy – Buy-step level setting at 0 is not used;
  • Inp_MinusLot – subtraction from the previous lot to Buy-at 0 not used;
  • Inp_MinusRatio – Lot Buy-reduction coefficient, the value should be less than 1, 0 is not used;


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