Fractal Persecutor

Fractal Persecutor

Advisor Fractal Persecutor fully automated. The strategy is based on the breakdown level.


Advisor is designed to work in the time zone GMT + 3, so adjust Start time and End time, if the time zone of your broker is different.


  • Lot – fixed lot trading
  • Start time – hour pre-trade
  • End time – hour Trade Deadline
  • Use trailing stop – use a trailing stop (true / false)
  • Trailing stop – trailing stop in pips
  • Trailing step – Trailing step in pips
  • Trailing start – Start trailing in pips
  • Use break even – use breakeven (True / false)
  • Pips on profit – profit in pips, which is triggered breakeven
  • Pips offset from open price – a shift from the opening price in a negative or a positive way, for example, 10 -10.
  • max spread – check the spread in front of the market (1 pip = 1, if you do not need this feature, install any larger number, for example, 30)
  • Bollinger Bands indicator parameters for opening (Parameters of Bollinger bands to open)
  • Period for open – the opening period
  • Bands shift for open – sdig bands for opening
  • Deviation for open – deviation opening
  • Bollingger Bands indicator parameters for closing (Parameters Bollinger bands for closing)
  • Period for closing – closing period
  • Bands shift for closing – bands sdig to close
  • Deviation for closing – deviation for closing
  • Envelopes indicator parameters for stop loss (Parameters envelopes for stop-loss and subsequent discovery of transactions)
  • MA period – period moving average
  • MA shift – shift moving averages
  • Deviation – deviation
  • Slippage – allowable slippage at opening transactions
  • Comment – comment to transactions
  • Magic number – a unique number for each chart


  • Broker with low spreads
  • VPS server
  • Chart period – M5

Fractal Persecutor

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