Asia rose Tuesday falling only Australian Index

Asia rose Tuesday, falling only Australian Index

Following the auction on
Asia-Pacific stock markets
region of summary share index of region
MSCI Asia Pacific rose by 0.06%, and during the auction
he grew up to 0.3%. By the end of trading
sessions, the Japanese Nikkei 225 rose 0.68%
Chinese Shanghai Composite – by 3.12%, Hong Kong
Hang Seng – 0.27%, but the Australian S P / ASX
200 dropped to 0.77%.

The Japanese market is growing
the weakening of the yen against the dollar, as the
Writes Bloomberg. last recorded
maximum of two weeks reduction
appreciation of the yen against the US dollar, which supported
Japanese exporters. For example,
share price of electronic products
Component TDK Corp., which receives 91%
revenue from abroad increased during
trading up 2.7%. Today, the yen against the dollar
again fallen – up to 120.02 yen to 10:48 MSK,
and yesterday at the closing of the pair USD / JPY
It was at around 119.99.

"The consequences of such
factors such as the weakening of the yen, a decrease
oil prices and the growth of wages of employees,
It suggests that corporate
We arrived in Japan this fiscal year
will be better than in the previous year, – says
an analyst at SMBC Friend Securities in Tokyo Toshihiko
Matsuno. – It is positive and what
Company seeks to actively encourage the
shareholders. In terms of global
investors, shares in Japanese companies
They look very attractive".

Quotes securities Stanley
Electric Co. and Klab Inc. increased by 2% when they
announced the repurchase of own shares.
The value of shares Chiyoda Corp. grew by
2.8% on news that the company received
a major maintenance contract
gas project in Africa. The Chinese market has grown
today after the stock prices
Financing for paper brokerage
companies Huatai Securities and Changjiang Securities grown
10%, it is the daily limit of price movement.

Those investors who
do not participate in the IPO on this
week, buy shares, because we are sure
that the increase in their prices lagged behind the rest of
market. Those who are planning to take
participation in primary placements occupy
waiting position, the trader says
of Shenwan Group in Shanghai Gerri Alfonso.

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