America stock closed yesterday after announcement

America stock closed yesterday after the announcement of the fall of Janet Yellen

On Friday
after the statements of Fed Chairman Janet
Yellen on probable dates change
interest rates, US stock
indexes declined, as evidenced by
data exchanges. For example, the closure of the session
index Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 0.29% – up
mark 18232,02, Standard Poor’s 500 Index
decreased by 0.22% – to 2126.06 levels, the index
Nasdaq high-tech companies
Composite fell by 0.03% – to the level of 5089.36.

Yesterday Janet
Yellen, Federal Reserve
may raise key interest rates
closer to the end of the year. Regulator confident
that the country’s economic performance
will be better in the next few months, and then
Recent weak economic reports and
market problems seem simple
"statistical noise". Yellen
also said that the delay in strengthening
monetary policy can lead
to "overheating" economy.

"Statement that
increase will be gradual, it has already reduced
concerns that rates may rise
once sharply"- said a senior market
analyst Schaeffer`s Investment Research Dzho Bell.

Yesterday were in the US
published data from the Ministry of
Labor, which showed that in April,
annual inflation was -0.2% MoM
calculating – 0.1%. A month earlier, in the United States
Deflation of 0.1% in annual
terms and 0.2% – monthly. This time
figures were worse than expected,
because the experts are expected to remain
indicator of deflation in the annual
expression and inflation of 0.1% – monthly.

The most active growth
Friday received shares of Apple
– they rose by 0.88%, almost
reaching a historic high,
but we stopped at the level of $ 132.54.
“Apple” stocks grew when
Internet rumor about a new iPhone
6C – said the company allegedly accidentally
He posted his picture on a website,
but then removed. Microsoft Corporation
yesterday lost 1.10% – its
shares fell on the news that
the company was unable to agree with the
Salesforce for its purchase – side parted
in the price. Microsoft offered for the largest
manufacturer’s $ 55 billion cloud software,
and founder Marc Benioff
like $ 70 billion.

The leaders
growth – Goldman Sachs (+ 1,51%), American Express (+ 0,65%), Visa
(+ 0.52%). Small
the increase was awarded to General Electric –
its shares grew by 0.05%. Rest
the company is among the most active players
yesterday’s session, lost in the price of shares:
Intel (-0,3%), Cisco (-0,58%), Verizon (-0,57%), Coca-Cola (-0,27%),
JPMorgan (-0,25%).

The dollar index
yesterday rose markedly to the closing session
– it added 0.82%, reaching the mark of 96.26 on
background of a good growth of the dollar against the
the world’s major currencies.

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