ALT – fully automated Advisor, written for the pair EURUSD. trades on 15 minutes timeframe (in other time frames and currency pairs not tested). Trading volume is used to open a position, the adviser determines itself, it does not depend on the results of previous transactions.


  • In expert set automatic settings, there is no need for anything extra to set up, except for the parameter corresponding to the stop-loss.
  • Resistant to a temporary connection is broken or short-term shut down the computer. After turning on the computer itself Advisor will continue to trade.
  • Always works only with its own orders, it is possible to parallel trade manually;

terms of trade

  • compulsory leverage to 1: 500;
  • The recommended initial deposit – 1000 conventional units (RUR, EUR, USD).


  • RiskDeposit – a deposit in% of the current at which the loss is triggered stop loss. Default “RiskDeposit” is set at around 50%. The graph in the screenshot for this value.

Advisor “ALT“I tested on all the available range. The maximum drawdown of 16.51% was achieved by the test, and was 0.07% absolute. All other information, see the skrinshote or independent testing.

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