OneTM 5BuySellAlerts

OneTM 5BuySellAlerts

Advanced Recognition trend indicator for MetaTrader 4 which has five (5) complex strategies. It uses the relationship between levels Camarilla, moving averages, Bollinger bands and RSI for detecting a trend that can be used as an additional tool or system. When the shooter for purchase or sale, it is recommended to open for the transaction, and to close when a opposite signals.

  • Unique determine the trend for avoiding false signals and uncertainty of market noise.
  • It delivers good signals to buy or sell with the help of arrows.
  • Suitable for Scalping, long-term and short-term trading (on standard charts and graphs Renko).
  • It is not redrawn.
  • Not late with rendering.
  • It never recalculated.
  • Signals are strictly “Closure of each bar.”
  • It can be used for the development of advisers.

indicator settings

  • Use_Strategy1 – Enable / disable the use of the first indicator of the strategy (true / false)
  • LevelPeriod – levels Camarilla period (any value from 1)
  • LevelStep – The step between levels (any value from 1)
  • Use_Strategy2 – Enable / disable the use of a second display strategy (true / false)
  • HighestLowestPeriod – The period length of the highest and lowest bars (any value from 1)
  • MaxMinPeriod – maximum and minimum period of the highest and lowest bars (any value from 1)
  • Use_Strategy3 – Enable / disable the use of third indicator strategy (true / false)
  • BandwidthPeriod – width period Bollinger bands (any value from 1)
  • BandwidthDeviations – Deviation Bollinger bandwidths (any value from 1)
  • Use_Strategy4 – Enable / disable the use of the fourth indicator strategy (true / false)
  • RSI_Period – RSI period (any value from 1)
  • RSI_AppliedPrice – RSI used price (closing price to the weighted prices)
  • MAPeriod – The period of the moving average (any value from 1)
  • MAMethod – Method of moving average (by simple averaging to linearly weighted)
  • Use_Strategy5 – Enable / disable the display of the fifth strategy (true / false)
  • FastMAPeriod – The period of the fast moving average (any value from 1 (should be less than the value SlowMAPeriod))
  • FastMAMode – Mode fast moving average (by simple averaging to linear-weighted)
  • FastMAPrice – Used Price fast moving average (ie the closing price to the weighted prices)
  • SlowMAPeriod – slow moving average period (any value from 1 (should be greater than SlowMAPeriod))
  • SlowMAMode – Mode of slow moving average (by simple averaging to linear-weighted)
  • SlowMAPrice – Used the slow moving average price (closing price to the weighted prices)
  • BandPeriod – Bollinger bands period (any value from 1)
  • BandStdDeviation – Deviation Bollinger bands (any value from 1)
  • UpArrow_Color and DownArrow_Color – Color arrows.
  • UpArrow_Width and DownArrow_Width – The width of the arrows.

There are also other options to customize the graph colors, line widths, and alerts (pop-up alerts, notifications, and alerts via e-mail).

OneTM 5BuySellAlerts

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ALT – fully automated Advisor, written for the pair EURUSD. trades on 15 minutes timeframe (in other time frames and currency pairs not tested). Trading volume is used to open a position, the adviser determines itself, it does not depend on the results of previous transactions.


  • In expert set automatic settings, there is no need for anything extra to set up, except for the parameter corresponding to the stop-loss.
  • Resistant to a temporary connection is broken or short-term shut down the computer. After turning on the computer itself Advisor will continue to trade.
  • Always works only with its own orders, it is possible to parallel trade manually;

terms of trade

  • compulsory leverage to 1: 500;
  • The recommended initial deposit – 1000 conventional units (RUR, EUR, USD).


  • RiskDeposit – a deposit in% of the current at which the loss is triggered stop loss. Default “RiskDeposit” is set at around 50%. The graph in the screenshot for this value.

Advisor “ALT“I tested on all the available range. The maximum drawdown of 16.51% was achieved by the test, and was 0.07% absolute. All other information, see the skrinshote or independent testing.

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Oil is consolidated within the range. Can work down and
test the level of support for, or test level
resistance. With good PF may be considered both a login option

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Weak statistics and Greek issue pressured indexes

Weak statistics and the Greek issue pressured indexes Wall Street

session on Wall Street on Monday,
It ended lower major indexes.
There were weak data on industrial
production in the US in May (down
Instead of 0.2% increase), and the Greek question
also does not add enthusiasm to investors.

DJIA lost
0.60%; S P 500 fell
0.46%; Nasdaq Composite fell

investors caused even tense
the expectation of the end of the meeting of the FOMC,
in which members of the Committee on
open markets to discuss the current state of
the US economy and will make a decision
about the size of the base interest rate

just cheaper shares of industrial
companies. For example, Rockwell Automation
It fell to 1.4%.

sector also could not stay on a horse:
Micron Technology fell
3.5%; Microsoft has lost 1.1%.

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SSA Stochastic Limited Edition

SSA Stochastic Limited Edition

version “stochastic oscillator“Algorithms using singular spectrum analysis

SSA It is an effective treatment method nonstationary time series with unknown internal structure. It is used to determine the major components (trend, and seasonal fluctuations of the wave), a smoothing and noise suppression. The method allows us to find previously unknown frequency range and build a forecast on the basis of the detected periodic patterns.

Indicator signals are identical to the original display signals, but have the important advantage – do not have the time delay with respect to the price dynamics and more accurately and synchronously reflect variability behavior price series. This is achieved due to the fact that “SSA-% D” signal is realized not moving average, and low-pass filtering using SSA algorithm. Accordingly, this indicator is spared from this apparent lack, like the delay.

Custom filtering noise can significantly reduce the number of false signals, typical for the original indicator.

Built forecast for “SSA-% K” and “SSA-% D” take into account the totality of the detected different scale factors that determine the behavior of the price range and can be used to reduce the risks in the strategy.

The characteristic behavior of the indicator signals and interpretation correspond to the same stochastic properties.

For the convenience of the user given as the original “% K” and “% D”, and upgraded “SSA-% K” and “SSA-% D” evaluation.

Version of “Limited” has some restrictions in the settings, and LED control.


  1. K period – observation period
  2. D period – smoothing period
  3. Slowing – the period of re-smoothing
  4. Algorithm – prediction method
  5. N: Data fragment – a fragment of a number of% K for analysis
  6. Time-dependent lag – window effect of history on the value at the point
  7. % K high-frequency limit – noise filtering option for the treatment of “% K”.
  8. % D frequency limit – parameter smoothing and filtering to construct “% D”.
  9. Forecast smoothing – Smoothing / regularization forecast
  10. Recalculate period – the period of updating the indicator values
  11. Predictable Points – the number of prediction pixels.
  12. BackwardShift – shift the fragment of history back. To set up the model and the forecast according to the known data.
  13. VISUAL OPTIONS – color graphics settings “SSA-% K” and “SSA-% D”.
  14. INTERFACE / Magic Number – an identifier for the application of the indicator included counsel

Explanation of the choice of parameters

High frequence limit defines the level of filtering and suppression “RF noise” in the data. Oscillations, whose contribution does not exceed this level will be filtered out.

BacwardShift for setting an indicator for a particular set of data. By specifying offset, you can compare the forecast with the known values ​​and more accurately select the setting display.

Forecast smoothing – it allows to smooth the results forecast by suppressing the “outliers”, or by “weighting factors”, given the significance of the previous results.

NOTE: If you choose “weight” option smoothing forecast in the first step of calculation of the indicator has four forecasted values ​​for initializing the smoothing stack.

Therefore, the first step requires more computing time. In the next steps that are required.

Magic Number. Connection advisor may result indicator when requesting 8 ( “% K” -Original), 9 ( “% D” -Original), 10 ( “SSA-% K”) and 11 ( “SSA-% D”) buffers.

SSA Stochastic Limited Edition

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NT DM Directional Movement

NT DM Directional Movement

NT version of the indicator DM

In fact, DM – a set of three separate indicators, combined into one. It consists of indicators: ADX, + DI and -DI. Purpose of ADX – determine whether a trend is present, and the general direction of the trend is not considered. Two other indicator (+ DI and -DI) complement ADX. They are used to determine the direction of the trend. Combining all three indicators, a technical analyst is able to determine the strength of the trend and its direction.

Indicators + DI -DI and measured upstream and downstream points. Buy signal line is the intersection line + DI -DI from the bottom up; signal for sale is the intersection line + DI -DI line upwards.

Note: DM indicator reminds the ADX MetaTrader platform, but it leads in a different way. See screenshots.

NT DM Directional Movement

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This EA is a tool for managing orders.

Adviser may:

  • Install / Uninstall take profit.
  • Set / change / remove the stop-loss.
  • Manage all the orders, or just have a specific ID.


  • ManageOrders:
    • Order_By_Order = Manage each order separately.
    • Same_Type_As_One = manage the same orders (all buy or sell all as one order as in the “basket” system).
  • PutTakeProfit: Set Take Profit for the order (yes / no).
  • TakeProfitPips: Take Profit in pips.
  • PutStopLoss: Set the stop loss for the order (yes / no).
  • StopLossPips: Stop Loss in pips.
  • UseTrailingStop: Use a trailing stop-loss (yes / no).
  • PutStopLossAfter: Set the stop loss for a warrant if the warrant has a profit of x pips.
  • TrailingStop: Trailing stop loss in pips (distance for following the warrant).
  • TrailingStep: step movement trailing in pips.
  • UseBreakEven: Use breakeven (Set stop-loss only profit) (yes / no).
  • BreakEvenAfter: Set the stop loss order if there is a profit of x pips.
  • BreakEvenPips: The number of pips from the opening price of the warrant for the installation of stop-loss.
  • DeleteTakeProfit: Remove the take-profit (yes / no).
  • DeleteStopLoss: Remove the stop loss (yes / no).
  • MagicNumber:
    • >0: The change order identifier (with a special ID, this value sets the ID).
    • 0: all change orders (open advisor or manually).
    • -1: The only change orders opened manually.
  • SoundAlert: Play sound signal at each operation.
  • ColorBackground: Customize the background color for comment.


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Fractal Persecutor

Fractal Persecutor

Advisor Fractal Persecutor fully automated. The strategy is based on the breakdown level.


Advisor is designed to work in the time zone GMT + 3, so adjust Start time and End time, if the time zone of your broker is different.


  • Lot – fixed lot trading
  • Start time – hour pre-trade
  • End time – hour Trade Deadline
  • Use trailing stop – use a trailing stop (true / false)
  • Trailing stop – trailing stop in pips
  • Trailing step – Trailing step in pips
  • Trailing start – Start trailing in pips
  • Use break even – use breakeven (True / false)
  • Pips on profit – profit in pips, which is triggered breakeven
  • Pips offset from open price – a shift from the opening price in a negative or a positive way, for example, 10 -10.
  • max spread – check the spread in front of the market (1 pip = 1, if you do not need this feature, install any larger number, for example, 30)
  • Bollinger Bands indicator parameters for opening (Parameters of Bollinger bands to open)
  • Period for open – the opening period
  • Bands shift for open – sdig bands for opening
  • Deviation for open – deviation opening
  • Bollingger Bands indicator parameters for closing (Parameters Bollinger bands for closing)
  • Period for closing – closing period
  • Bands shift for closing – bands sdig to close
  • Deviation for closing – deviation for closing
  • Envelopes indicator parameters for stop loss (Parameters envelopes for stop-loss and subsequent discovery of transactions)
  • MA period – period moving average
  • MA shift – shift moving averages
  • Deviation – deviation
  • Slippage – allowable slippage at opening transactions
  • Comment – comment to transactions
  • Magic number – a unique number for each chart


  • Broker with low spreads
  • VPS server
  • Chart period – M5

Fractal Persecutor

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Brent crude Technical Analysis downward trend

Brent crude: Technical Analysis – the downward trend in the narrow channel

W1 (price on the weekly chart) It is located in a primary downtrend in the secondary ranked movement in a narrow channel between the support level 60.92
and 69.57 resistance levels:

  • the price moves in different directions between the levels 60.92
    and 69.57;
  • ‘Reversal’ line Senkou
    Span A (which is one of the clouds and virtual boundaries Ichimoku
    boundary between the primary downward and upward trends in the primary
    price chart) is higher than the price, and far enough away from it to turn to the primary bullish trend this week;
  • Breakout‘ line Chinkou
    Span Ichimoku indicator crossed rates for possible local upward movement (Rally market) but this intersection line Chinkou occur in the horizontal direction
    Span, indicating a narrow ranked price movement;
  • The closest the key resistance level of 69.57;
  • The closest support level 60.92.

W1 If the price breaks the support level 60.92 on the weekly bar closed, the primary bearish trend will continue.

W1 If the price breaks the resistance level 69.57, we will see the market rally with a good opportunity to turn the price of a primary bull trend in the coming weeks.
If not, then the price will move in the channel between the levels of 69.57 and 60.92 levels in the downtrend.

  • Recommendation for long: monitoring the resistance of intersection 69.57 price level with the possible opening of the buy orders.
  • Recommendation for short: after hitting 60.92 support level might warrant the opening of a sell.
  • Trading Summary: multidirectional channel
Levels of support soprotivleniyaUrovni
68.08 (W1) 60.92 (W1)
69.57 (W1) N / A

Brent crude Technical Analysis downward trend


  • H4 – correction within a multi-directional bullish trend
  • D1 – multidirectional
  • W1 – multidirectional bear
  • MN1 – multidirectional bear

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Yen was rising dollar continues to fall euro

The yen was rising, the dollar continues to fall, the euro has updated two-month highs

Thursday the yen rising against the dollar after
how the Bank of Japan did not expand
performance of its monetary
stimulation. By 10:45 MSK USDJPY stands
at the level of 118.93. The annual rate of increase
the monetary base in the central bank remains
at 80 trillion yen a year by buying
government bonds and risky assets.

Mo Siong, FX strategist Bank of Singapur,
said that, probably, the dollar
will remain for some time in the range of
117 – 122?.
“At this stage we do not see any
catalysts obvious weakening
Japanese currency “, – he said.

The Bank of Japan will take a wait
for some time now in Japan there
though weak, but still economic growth.

the greenback is constrained
disappointing statistics
data: the US economy has almost stood on
place during the first quarter.
In a statement, representatives of the Federal Reserve
said yesterday that the economic downturn
– a temporary phenomenon, but still
do not plan to in the near future to increase
interest rate.

euro jumped to a two-month
high against the dollar and continues to
grow today: EURUSD
10.57 on Thursday at around 1.1219,
something not seen since 26 February. it
takes place against the background of the dollar falls,
and because fears of deflation in Europe

Murata, currency strategist at Brown
Brothers Harriman (Tokyo)
He says: “Based on the fundamental
Data, I think the rebound is too
strong, and it is – an opportunity to leave
in short positions on the euro. ”

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