Your Assistant Free MT 4

Your Assistant Free MT 4

Your Assistant Free – free version Utilities Your Assistant.

Free It differs from the paid version only because it allows you to work only with the family set in the Configuration Tool (GBPCAD, GBPCHF, NZDCAD, AUDCHF, CHFJPY, NZDCHF, CADJPY), Which can not be modified or replaced by others.

All other properties are the same as in Your Assistant.

Your Assistant Free It allows you to:

  • 7 monitor the activity specified in the configuration tool for the six timeframes in statics and dynamics of their relationship;
  • Working with the calendar of economic events FFCalendar (, and display windows in the lower graph the movement the most important news;
  • Click on the buttons located at the top of the graph, to allocate active instruments in the areas of consolidation, and the reversal of the trend, as well as tools to allocate a predetermined spread;
  • Change the number of bars in the fractals used for calculations;
  • Operate as a bar formed on, and at the current price;
  • Display different colors in the lower windows of the consolidation area, the upward (downward) trend and a reversal;
  • Move the mouse zone boundaries;
  • By clicking the mouse button with the tool name, schedule open the tool in settings with a given pattern.

To work with the news, before installing Your Assistant Free You need to go to the terminal settings, go to the tab Experts to put a checkmark next to “Allow WebRequest for the following URL“Add to the list the website address:, set the calendar of economic events FFCalendar ( and set in the settings of the calendar GMT time your broker terminal. utility is desirably set at a chart timeframe with H1.

Free It will become your good assistant in the study and development of the unique possibilities offered by Your Assistant.


  • TF 1 – TF 6 – list of specified timeframes;
  • TF DisableMode – options disable Windows timeframes:
    • PARTIAL – partial disconnection (display only the selected windows is disabled);
    • FULLY – blackout (selected windows and timeframes are not shown, and are excluded from the calculation);
  • TF 1 Window Enabled – TF 6 Window Enabled – enabling / disabling windows with predetermined timeframes;
  • Fractal Size – fractal dimension (the default is set fractal Williams);
  • InFormedBars – work formed the bar;
  • EMA period – smoothing period;
  • Bars count for calculation – predetermined number of bars for the calculation;
  • Sig TF Number – the window number, the control signals and alerts;
  • Signals print? – print signals;
  • Opportunity Buy Alert – Opportunity Close Sell Alert – enabling / disabling alerts;
  • Shift Y – distance from the top edge to the histogram generated blocks;
  • WidthRectinfo – height histograms of the block;
  • SymbolFontSize – font size tools;
  • SubSubColor – color separating windows lines;
  • BackgroundColor – fill color histograms in blocks;
  • ColBGRect – highlight color histograms frames blocks;
  • ColStrokeRect – fill color histograms of the blocks;
  • ColUpValue – the color of the growing histograms;
  • ColDownValue – decreasing color histogram;
  • ColAveValue – RR line color;
  • ColSymbolRect – font color tools;
  • ReversalRiscColor – the color of the risk of a reversal signal;
  • ButtonsNormalCol – ButtonsPressedCol – the color of the upper buttons;
  • LineWidth Inside Flat – the width of the lines within the consolidation zone;
  • LineWidth Outside Flat – line width after exiting the consolidation zone;
  • ColLevelNull – color line zero;
  • Up levels zone color – color zone uptrend;
  • Dn levels zone color – color zone downtrend;
  • Reversal risk zone color – color reversal zone;
  • MESSAGES – communication;
  • ClicOpenTFtimeframe openable graphics;
  • ClicOpenTemplate – template openable graphics;
  • ECONOMIC EVENTS – economic developments;
  • Enabled? – Connection economic developments;
  • Broker GMT offset – GMT time broker.

Your Assistant Free MT 4


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