VR Small Chart

VR Small Chart

Indicator displays a separate graph of the small size of the operating window, the principle minigrafikov MT5.

Possible collapse / expand the schedule, change the schedule tool chart period, displaying the timeline and price scales.

The program works in the strategy tester and may change during minigrafikov.


  • Select symbols – All Symbols: All symbols are supplied by the broker, Only market watch: only those characters that are present in the market review
  • Prefix – two letters to separate multiple display copies (at start more than one copy indicator on the one chart Prefix shall be different)
  • Colors Skins – color schemes, setting Manual can customize your own scheme, using the parameters described below
  • Background – background color
  • Border – color fringes window
  • Border width – thickness of the rims of the window
  • Button – the color buttons
  • Button border – color fringes buttons
  • Button pressed – the color of the pressed button
  • Button text – the color of the button text
  • Price text – the color of the price scale
  • Price background – the color of the marker of the current price
  • Price border – color fringes marker current price
  • Current price – the color of the current price
  • Buy body – the body color of the Bull Candle
  • Buy border – color fringes and shadows bullish candle
  • Sell ​​body – the body color of the Bear Candle
  • Sell ​​border – color fringes and shadows bearish candle


When testing the indicator in the strategy tester, do not set the test speed slider to the maximum value!

At maximum speed indicator may slow down, as required to process a large amount of data per millisecond.

VR Small Chart


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