Ruble is rising against dollar and euro but it

The ruble is rising against the dollar and the euro, but it is not enough supporting factors

On Monday,
May 25, the Russian ruble shows
a slight increase in the euro-dollar pair.
So, to 17:36 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
49.998 (-0.02%), and the pair EUR / RUB –
at 54.835 (-0.40%). The euro exchange rate against the ruble
rides today: the euro several times raised to the level of 55.345, but immediately fell again, by
According to the portal
The ruble support
May final tax
Payments – pay today MET
excise duties and taxes on income.

dollar on the Forex does more
Attractive Sales US
currency for exporters, and it suppresses
any attempt to push speculative
ruble, said Vladimir Evstifeev of
bank "Zenith". "But after paying
on Monday, the most expensive tax
ruble will lose domestic support. FROM
Given this set of factors, it is
It may lead to a small
weakening. At the same time, we do not expect
a significant increase in the dollar and
Euro", – he said.

Tikhomirov, chief economist of the group
BCS believes that “when price stability
oil, as well as the absence of negative
news regarding the conflict in
Ukraine and relations with the West, the course
the ruble will be approximately 49-50
rubles to the dollar (at an oil price of $ 65
per barrel). ” But due to the end
tax period may be reduced
the ruble to 51 rubles. per dollar.

The trading range for the near future:
50-52 rubles per dollar – predicts
Andrei Zaitsev, deputy director
Investment and Trade Department
Absolut Bank. – The main factor
effects on the dynamics of quotations is
the end of the tax period and
intervention conducted by the Bank of Russia.
Also of great importance is the cost
oil – is comfortable for the ruble
Price from $ 65
a barrel. “

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