Oil on Friday little more expensive Brent traded

Oil on Friday a little more expensive, Brent traded above $ 63 a barrel

after a slight
growth on Thursday oil quotes
continued to rise on Friday morning, and while the price dynamics remains positive.
By 8:36 MSK futures for Brent crude oil
trading at
$ 63.02 per
barrel, while the price per barrel of WTI
at that time it was on the mark
$ 58.25.

How to find
Some experts, oil prices
beginning of the year rose mainly
due to the short-term reasons – such as
concern on the background of unrest in
The Middle East. In addition, the increased demand for oil in China, the second largest
the world’s largest consumer and importer
oil. Plus, reduced trade
US crude stocks, on which also sharply
market reacts. Oil production in the country is also
little falls.

In the end, the market
reacts to yesterday’s data from the
Energy Information Agency
US – on their data, in the last week
the country’s crude oil reserves declined
to 2.802 million barrels instead of the expected
0.857 million barrels analysts.

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