FxSProMT indicator shows the current trend in the market and a change in trend.

Item display

  • Ind_Period – Specifies the number of previous bars to calculate the actual values.
  • Number_Bars – The number of bars displayed indicator. A large number of bars can significantly slow down the trading terminal.
  • Signal_Sound – Signal changing trend. The signal may sound repeatedly until the signal is confirmed (closed bar). It is disabled by default.
  • Signal_Alert – Alert when a change in trend.
  • ShowCommen – Show information window.
  • X_coord – X coordinate of the information window.
  • Y_coord – Y coordinate information window.

On the chart the trading symbol of the trend is indicated by corresponding arrows:

  • Green arrow – upward trend.
  • Red arrow – downtrend.

Information window (white):

  • Symbol AUDUSD – trading symbol.
  • Price 0.74361 – symbol price.
  • SpeedTick 0.0 (0.00 / 0.00) – the rate of price change of the current (max / average). The values ​​will be visible after some time of operation of the indicator. SpeedTick – if the price change speed exceeds the value 3.0 – price movement is present (for 4 plate not relevant).
  • Spread 1.2 (1.2 / 1.2) – the current spread (min / max).

trading rules

  • Timeframe – H1 (master).
  • Currency pairs – any.
  • Entrance to BUY – arrow indicator should be green.
  • Entrance to SELL – the indicator arrow should be red.

Recommended use TakeProfit = 20 points, StopLoss = 20 points (for the H1 timeframe). Upon reaching the profit of 10 points – close the 1/2 position. The transport StopLoss on one of the levels:

  • 1 – StopLoss tolerated by the amount of the profit.
  • 2 – StopLoss tolerated at the opening price of the position + 1 point.

In any case we have in the market for break-even position. Lot warrant in this case must be at least 2 times greater than the minimum bid allowed by the broker.

FxSProMT indicator is used as the core. Also – you can use an additional indicator to confirm (to filter out false signals). It is recommended to use FxSPro-WPR oscillator to filter out false signals.


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