EMA Separation Coefficient

EMA Separation Coefficient

EMA Separation Coefficient It reflects the distinction between short-term and long-term resistance trend exponential moving average, as well as the direction of the current movement. Pay attention to the potential points of intersection when approaching rate to zero. This may indicate impending breakdown or reversal. Wait for confirmation of the trend prior to the opening of the transaction, and the output when the coefficient constitutes a maximum (for a call) or a minimum (for a put).

It is a small tool to aid in the visualization of the difference between the average long and short periods. We hope you enjoy it.

EMA Separation Coefficient can also be combined with free indicator EMA Separation


  • Short period (Default = 10): calculating the number of bars for a short period of EMA
  • Long period (Default = 50): calculating the number of bars for a long period of EMA

EMA Separation Coefficient

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