The utility copies the transaction signals from supplier invoices (master-accounts, one or more vendors) to an unlimited number of accounts recipient (slave-account). vendor assignment is carried out via the parameter provider (any combination of numbers and letters). For example, there are two suppliers. Run the utility to them in master mode by setting different values ​​for the parameter provider. On account intended for copying these signals, two utilities running in slave mode in different windows by specifying a provider of the first supplier and the other provider second supplier.

Copying can be set in the opposite direction (with reverse), as well as modified at the multiplier size (larger or smaller).

The utility keeps track of the orders stop loss and take profit copied items from master account. All operating parameters of the utility, for clarity, are displayed.

The utility does not interfere in the positions that are open to the slave-accounts in manual or automatic mode, other experts / utilities.

In order to avoid premature closure of positions on the slave-run, due to the difference in spreads with a master-account, you can disable the copy of the order stop loss and take profit, set the appropriate option to off.

The utility can copy trades in instruments having different prefixes / suffixes. To do this, they need to be set in the parameters prefix and suffix. If on the master- and slave- accounts prefixes and suffixes are the same, these settings can be omitted.

utility parameters set in the master mode or in slave mode:

  • mode – mode of utility: master (signal provider) or slave (receiver signal) / slave2 (manual closing of transactions).
  • provider – unique identifier signal provider from which the transaction are copied (any character value, consisting of figures and letters).
  • prefix – assignment of tradable instrument prefix (if exists).
  • suffix – assignment suffix tradable instrument (if exists).

utility parameters set only in slave mode:

  • revers – copy mode in the reverse direction (reverse): on (enabled) or off (OFF).
  • mult – multiplier copied position.
  • slip – allowable amount of slippage (in points).
  • copy_sl – copy or no stop loss orders to deal with the master-account: on (copy) or off (not copy).
  • copy_tp – copy or not take profit order to deal with the master-account: on (copy) or off (not copy).

utility parameters set only in the master mode:

  • magic – magic-number of copied items. If zero (the default), all items are copied to the master-account.


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