FxSProMT indicator shows the current trend in the market and a change in trend.

Item display

  • Ind_Period – Specifies the number of previous bars to calculate the actual values.
  • Number_Bars – The number of bars displayed indicator. A large number of bars can significantly slow down the trading terminal.
  • Signal_Sound – Signal changing trend. The signal may sound repeatedly until the signal is confirmed (closed bar). It is disabled by default.
  • Signal_Alert – Alert when a change in trend.
  • ShowCommen – Show information window.
  • X_coord – X coordinate of the information window.
  • Y_coord – Y coordinate information window.

On the chart the trading symbol of the trend is indicated by corresponding arrows:

  • Green arrow – upward trend.
  • Red arrow – downtrend.

Information window (white):

  • Symbol AUDUSD – trading symbol.
  • Price 0.74361 – symbol price.
  • SpeedTick 0.0 (0.00 / 0.00) – the rate of price change of the current (max / average). The values ​​will be visible after some time of operation of the indicator. SpeedTick – if the price change speed exceeds the value 3.0 – price movement is present (for 4 plate not relevant).
  • Spread 1.2 (1.2 / 1.2) – the current spread (min / max).

trading rules

  • Timeframe – H1 (master).
  • Currency pairs – any.
  • Entrance to BUY – arrow indicator should be green.
  • Entrance to SELL – the indicator arrow should be red.

Recommended use TakeProfit = 20 points, StopLoss = 20 points (for the H1 timeframe). Upon reaching the profit of 10 points – close the 1/2 position. The transport StopLoss on one of the levels:

  • 1 – StopLoss tolerated by the amount of the profit.
  • 2 – StopLoss tolerated at the opening price of the position + 1 point.

In any case we have in the market for break-even position. Lot warrant in this case must be at least 2 times greater than the minimum bid allowed by the broker.

FxSProMT indicator is used as the core. Also – you can use an additional indicator to confirm (to filter out false signals). It is recommended to use FxSPro-WPR oscillator to filter out false signals.


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Monday ended in stock markets of Europe in red

Monday ended in the stock markets of Europe in the red

By the close of trading on Monday
European stocks were
red zone, the agency
Bloomberg. Composite index
the largest enterprises of the region Stoxx
Europe 600 fell by 0.29% – to the level of 406.56, although
and trading volume yesterday was extremely low
due to closed markets in the UK,
Germany and Switzerland. French
CAC 40 index fell 0.5% yesterday, Italian
FTSE MIB – 2.1%.

The Spanish IBEX 35 index
Monday fell 2% after the news
that the country’s ruling People
Party in the recent municipal and
regional elections won with the worst
the result of the last 20 years. absolute
Most failed to gain party
in any of the Autonomous Communities
country, but a lot of votes received
the left and right party PODEMOS Ciudadanos.
Preliminary data report that
The People’s Party gained only 27.03%
vote, after it goes Spanish
Socialist Workers’ Party (25%

"were the results
tough warning the party, which,
in fact, used in a number of hegemony
regions of the country from the Spanish people".
– says professor of history and international
Relations of the Pontifical University of Comillas
Emilio Saenz Frances.

On Monday, quotes
shares of Banco Santander SA and Spanish banks
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA fell more than
2%, shares of power company Iberdrola SA fell
2.7%. In addition, shares of Fiat
Chrysler Automobiles NV yesterday fell by 3.1% when
It was rumored to merge General Motors Co. and Fiat
Chrysler. However, GM’s board of directors until
He refuses to meet.

Greek stock
ASE index dropped on the session by another 3.1%
when the media started talking about the fact that the country
will not be able to make another payment
IMF loan on June 5 because the treasury
no money. This was stated by Minister
Nikos Vutsis country’s internal affairs in
air local television. "Four
payments to the International Monetary Fund
up EUR 1.6 billion, this money will not
will be paid, they are not", – he said.
According to the schedule of payments to be Greece
list the IMF that amount in four
receiving from 5 June 19.

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MACD 3TF VI Martingale

MACD 3TF VI Martingale

Expert MACD 3TF VI Martingale from the series “Trading systems with increased volume position.” Here is a brief description. A more detailed description of the test results and their analysis in the form of an article can be read on my blog TRADING WAY.

In this version, the expert added to the possibility of the protective level Stop Loss in bezubytka zone. It is also possible to include a function of controlling the volume of positions such as the Martingale, where in the case of a losing trade should be opened with the volume of unprofitable transactions multiplied by the specified parameters in the external factor.

The expert can be used in semi-automatic trading. The position can be opened manually, and to provide expert support positions. Since trade Martingale method can be dangerous, the position can be closed manually when the current income over past losses.

It uses one standard indicator MACD. Signals for open positions are made on formed bars of three mentioned in the expert settings timeframes. modification level Trailing Stop is produced by the maximum / minimum current timeframe. As a rule, this is the minimum time frame specified in the parameters.

List of expert settings:

  • Magic Number – the magic number (ID expert transactions).
  • Deviation – slippage in points.
  • Timeframe 1 – the first timeframe.
  • Fast EMA Period – the period of the fast EMA of the MACD indicator for the first timeframe. If you specify zero, the indicator with this timeframe will not be considered.
  • Slow EMA Period – the period of the slow EMA MACD indicator for the first timeframe.
  • Signal SMA Period – MACD period indicator signal curve for the first timeframe.
  • Timeframe 2 – second timeframe.
  • Fast EMA Period – the period of the fast EMA of the MACD indicator for second timeframe. If you specify a value of zero, this parameter will be ignored.
  • Slow EMA Period – the period of the slow EMA MACD indicator for second timeframe.
  • Signal SMA Period – MACD period indicator signal curve for second timeframe.
  • Timeframe 3 – third timeframe.
  • Fast EMA Period – the period of the fast EMA of the MACD indicator for third timeframe. If you specify a value of zero, this parameter will be ignored.
  • Slow EMA Period – the period of the slow EMA MACD indicator for third timeframe.
  • Signal SMA Period – MACD period indicator signal curve for third timeframe.
  • Take Profit – the level of profit-taking, which is calculated in points from the opening price of the position. At zero Take Profit is not installed.
  • Stop Loss – protection level, which is calculated in points from the opening price of the position. At zero Stop Loss would not be set.
  • Trailing Stop – a step in the points for the modification of the protective layer toward profit. The level is calculated from the highs (High) bars for Sell positions and lows from (Low) bars for Buy positions. At zero modification of the protective layer is performed.
  • Reverse – in this parameter, you can specify whether to use the position reverse, if there is a signal in the opposite direction. The value true indicates that the revolution position will be at the opposite signal.
  • Break Even Stop Loss – distance, in points, which must pass the price to install Stop Loss to breakeven. A value of zero disables this feature.
  • Break Even Offset – distance, in points, on which will be installed Stop Loss bezubytka in the region with respect to the current price position.
  • Lot – position volume (lot).
  • Martingale Coefficient – with a losing position will be opened next multiplying by this factor. If the value is less than or equal to 1, the volume equal to the specified positions in the parameter Lot.
  • Volume Increase – the amount, which will increase the volume of the position if the condition is true. If you set a value of zero, the volume capacity will not be made.
  • Volume Increase Step – distance in points which must pass the price on the price of the last transaction of the current position to the condition of the increase in the volume of items to be true.
  • Initial Deposit – This parameter is used to define which
    the value of the deposit size to include dynamic analysis of the lot to open
    position. Thus, the volume of open positions will be proportional
    The deposit amount, which allows the expert to increase faster
    profit. A zero value in this parameter disables the dynamic calculation
  • Maximum Lot Size – here you need to specify
    the maximum amount for the open positions. Perhaps, after reaching
    it is advisable to deposit a certain quantity proportional to stop
    calculation of the lot. Some traders use such tactics to
    aggressive acceleration of the deposit, starting with a small amount, then to
    move into a more conservative mode, not increasing risks for the growth of


to open a position signal is considered to be true if the following conditions are fulfilled:

For positions BUY:

  • In all of these timeframes in indicator MACD histogram above the signal curve.
  • Previous histogram value lower than the current (growth).
  • In an open position in the expert starts work unit capacity volume position. The increase in volume is carried out only if the price moves in a profitable way and reaches a level that is calculated for BUY positions as: last price plus the specified number of points in the parameter Volume Increase Step. Formed the closing price bar must be higher than the calculated level.

For the position SELL:

  • In all of these timeframes in indicator MACD histogram below the signal curve.
  • Previous value above the current histogram (falling).
  • In an open position in the expert starts work unit capacity volume position. The increase in volume is carried out only if the price moves in a profitable way and reaches a level that is calculated for SELL positions, as the last transaction price minus the specified number of points in the parameter Volume Increase Step. The closing price of the bar should be formed below the calculated level.

Additional parameters and features:

The expert has additional options:

  • On / Off Info Panel – This option enables / disables the chart display information and trade panel.
  • Setting “On The Fly” – this parameter setting ( “on the fly”) makes it possible to control the parameters of the online trading panel.

On the different symbols (graphics) can be placed various experts in this series, and they will not interfere with each other.

Here’s one expert testing results MACD 3TF VI Martingale. It is possible to use custom criteria to optimize the parameters (Custom Max). The formula I’m not going to disclose.

To get the same result may be on the hourly (H1) timeframe, the symbol EURUSD, the default settings.

MACD 3TF VI Martingale

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Ruble is rising against dollar and euro but it

The ruble is rising against the dollar and the euro, but it is not enough supporting factors

On Monday,
May 25, the Russian ruble shows
a slight increase in the euro-dollar pair.
So, to 17:36 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
49.998 (-0.02%), and the pair EUR / RUB –
at 54.835 (-0.40%). The euro exchange rate against the ruble
rides today: the euro several times raised to the level of 55.345, but immediately fell again, by
According to the portal investing.com.
The ruble support
May final tax
Payments – pay today MET
excise duties and taxes on income.

dollar on the Forex does more
Attractive Sales US
currency for exporters, and it suppresses
any attempt to push speculative
ruble, said Vladimir Evstifeev of
bank "Zenith". "But after paying
on Monday, the most expensive tax
ruble will lose domestic support. FROM
Given this set of factors, it is
It may lead to a small
weakening. At the same time, we do not expect
a significant increase in the dollar and
Euro", – he said.

Tikhomirov, chief economist of the group
BCS believes that “when price stability
oil, as well as the absence of negative
news regarding the conflict in
Ukraine and relations with the West, the course
the ruble will be approximately 49-50
rubles to the dollar (at an oil price of $ 65
per barrel). ” But due to the end
tax period may be reduced
the ruble to 51 rubles. per dollar.

The trading range for the near future:
50-52 rubles per dollar – predicts
Andrei Zaitsev, deputy director
Investment and Trade Department
Absolut Bank. – The main factor
effects on the dynamics of quotations is
the end of the tax period and
intervention conducted by the Bank of Russia.
Also of great importance is the cost
oil – is comfortable for the ruble
Price from $ 65
a barrel. “

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It is a reliable adviser. It was designed to achieve maximum drawdown not more than 2%.

The smaller the spread, the better the results.

Works only on EURUSED paired with a timeframe M15


  • 4 and 5-digit quotes.
  • It is recommended to work with ECN-broker with low spreads and fast execution.
  • Minimal shoulder 1: 100.


  • Name: User comment to the order.
  • MagicNumber: For each strategy uses one number to another filter.
  • UseMM: Money management.
  • Risk: Risk varies with the size of the lot.
  • MaxOpen: The maximum number of open orders 2.
  • MaxSpread: Maximum spread in pips (2.2 pip = 22 points).
  • TakeProfit: Take profit in pips. Default 5.1 pip (51-110 points).
  • TradingHour : Trading advisor clock.


If you need support, help, or have any other questions, write to the author a private message.

Instructions for use:

Settings for automatic operation:

  • AutomatedLotSize = true
  • FixedLotSize = false
  • LotSize = –

To work with a fixed lot (but not exceeding AccountBalance / 6000 because the open simultaneously 2 order):

  • AutomatedLotSize = false
  • FixedLotSize = true
  • LotSize = wanted lotsize


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Oil on Friday little more expensive Brent traded

Oil on Friday a little more expensive, Brent traded above $ 63 a barrel

after a slight
growth on Thursday oil quotes
continued to rise on Friday morning, and while the price dynamics remains positive.
By 8:36 MSK futures for Brent crude oil
trading at
$ 63.02 per
barrel, while the price per barrel of WTI
at that time it was on the mark
$ 58.25.

How to find
Some experts, oil prices
beginning of the year rose mainly
due to the short-term reasons – such as
concern on the background of unrest in
The Middle East. In addition, the increased demand for oil in China, the second largest
the world’s largest consumer and importer
oil. Plus, reduced trade
US crude stocks, on which also sharply
market reacts. Oil production in the country is also
little falls.

In the end, the market
reacts to yesterday’s data from the
Energy Information Agency
US – on their data, in the last week
the country’s crude oil reserves declined
to 2.802 million barrels instead of the expected
0.857 million barrels analysts.

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China removes ban on foreign investment

China removes ban on foreign investment

authorities are going to do next
step to increase the convertibility
RMB – they will remove restrictions on
foreign investments for individuals
and companies. This was reported today
The Wall Street Journal. Council of State
China in a few weeks will remove
restrictions applicable now
allow individuals and companies
to make direct purchases of stocks, bonds
and real estate abroad.

at first
such investments will be monitored and carried out in
certain trade areas, but then
promise to expand the program. "it
breakthrough – says Hans Shen, head of Hony
Capital Ltd. (One of the largest funds in China
direct investment). – However, the run
this project will be with great caution,
as the government wants to control

If everyone
It will develop successfully, the Chinese investors
there will be more opportunities for
management of their resources, and China
able to reorient the economy in
more on consumer
and service sectors. As long as
the risk that changes in flight isolated
funds from China, as well as further
weakening of economic growth. If
the money will quickly go out of the country,
the urgent need to strengthen the yuan, but
bad impact on this again
the competitiveness of Chinese
companies abroad.

But while the authorities
waiting to see what will decide the International Monetary
Fund over the system of special rights
Drawing (SDR) – there is a chance that the yuan
announced the official reserve currency,
and here it is exactly contribute
expand the use of the yuan.

Foreign investment in Chinese
companies, the picture is fairly
positive. The share of investments in Chinese
shares in Pan-Asian and global funds
funds of emerging markets reached a record on
this week. According to MarketWatch, foreign
investors suffered money into Chinese
equity funds at a record pace, even
in spite of the warning signs of imminent
Rally complete.

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OPEC will do with Iranian oil

OPEC will do with the Iranian oil?

Just when it seemed that
OPEC’s winning the war with
US shale drillers,
has opened a dangerous new “front” – and,
within its own ranks. And it’s Iran. OPEC summit
which will be held on June 5 will determine
group power, but just three
Time becomes clear what the outcome
deal on Iran’s nuclear program.
The government in Tehran says
successful outcome could add to the market
almost 1 million barrels per day from Iran,
this rate the country could increase to
within six months after the removal of

This million barrels,
which OPEC was not worried before,
when it decided to maintain its
strategy (last November) –
leave each share of the market to
greater pressure on prices – now begins
scare the market. The cartel already pumps
record the amount of oil to
suppress other manufacturers, but
when Iran will return to the game, this will increase pressure on OPEC and increase competition
competition within the group.

"Many are now struggling
for its position in the OPEC", – says Ole
Hansen, head of strategy
Copenhagen Saxo Bank A / S. – "In Saudi
Arabia increasing production and there is no more
one in OPEC who could produce so much
same. If OPEC ready to cut production,
to make way for Iran, they
We must make to reduce power
producers outside the group".

OPEC is not expected
will change production quotas at 30 million
barrels, when countries will meet in
Vienna – thought so almost all analysts
and traders Bloomberg in May. Actually,
group power production increased in
During the year, showing its determination to
not to yield a single barrel of stake
market to compete with other

Iran, once a second
largest producer in OPEC, and
Now – five, intends to fully
"regain lost share
oil market"- said Minister of Oil
Bijan Namdar Zanganeh May 6 in Tehran.
OPEC must take into account the increased production
their countries, he said in comments
Shana agency in April. Meanwhile,
OPEC’s strategy seems to be working:
the number of active US
oil rigs fell by
record 60% – up to 646. Extraction of slate
seams in the US fell in May for the first time
February 2011, as manufacturers reduced
billions of dollars of their costs.

As for Iran
negotiations – they, unlike the Greek,
are more or less rationally. Iran and
Six world powers, including the US, Russia
and China, seek to complete by June 30,
discuss the details of the nuclear agreement,
to rein in Iran’s nuclear program
in exchange for the easing of sanctions. discussions
resumed in Vienna this week, and
all the parties have stated that these negotiations
They have good prospects. increase
of production in Iran and its neighbors –
Iraq, OPEC will increase competition for the
oil sales in the fastest-growing
Asian markets and threatens to kill
A 40% rally in crude oil prices, which
raise prices to six-year low
in January. Brent crude,
benchmark for more than half of the world
manufacturers and buyers traded
today at 2.03% lower – at $ 64.15 per barrel
at 14:41 MSK.

Iraq too seriously
It plans to increase production volumes and
oil exports – in May, the country gradually
restored after decades
war and sanctions. Last month
recorded record 3.87 million barrels
a day, by Bloomberg data. Iran, on average
It produced 2.8 million barrels a day,
It used to be as much as 6 million (in
1970, for example). World powers reached
agreement with Iran in April. If
the final agreement will be made,
US and European sanctions,
are likely to be gradually reduced,
and it can mean an additional
the growth of exports from Iran, but it happens
and not just as analysts in
Societe Generale SA.

The best option for OPEC
in case of restoration of Iran’s production
– is to hold the prey and hope
that absorb additional supplies
demand growth, – said Mayk Vittner,
Research center head
the oil market in the Societe Generale in New York.
– "To prevent the OPEC strategy
tired manufacturers of inexpensive
raw material manufacturers to add permissions
high oil prices reduce the costs, drilling
and production".

By the way, “shot”
Iranian oil could hurt market
even before the country regained its
power. She has about 10 million barrels
deposited in court, said the deputy
Oil Minister Roknoddin Javadi recently
in Kuala Lumpur.

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Your Assistant Free MT 4

Your Assistant Free MT 4

Your Assistant Free – free version Utilities Your Assistant.

Free It differs from the paid version only because it allows you to work only with the family set in the Configuration Tool (GBPCAD, GBPCHF, NZDCAD, AUDCHF, CHFJPY, NZDCHF, CADJPY), Which can not be modified or replaced by others.

All other properties are the same as in Your Assistant.

Your Assistant Free It allows you to:

  • 7 monitor the activity specified in the configuration tool for the six timeframes in statics and dynamics of their relationship;
  • Working with the calendar of economic events FFCalendar (https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/23647), and display windows in the lower graph the movement the most important news;
  • Click on the buttons located at the top of the graph, to allocate active instruments in the areas of consolidation, and the reversal of the trend, as well as tools to allocate a predetermined spread;
  • Change the number of bars in the fractals used for calculations;
  • Operate as a bar formed on, and at the current price;
  • Display different colors in the lower windows of the consolidation area, the upward (downward) trend and a reversal;
  • Move the mouse zone boundaries;
  • By clicking the mouse button with the tool name, schedule open the tool in settings with a given pattern.

To work with the news, before installing Your Assistant Free You need to go to the terminal settings, go to the tab Experts to put a checkmark next to “Allow WebRequest for the following URL“Add to the list the website address: http://www.forexfactory.com, set the calendar of economic events FFCalendar (https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/23647) and set in the settings of the calendar GMT time your broker terminal. utility is desirably set at a chart timeframe with H1.

Free It will become your good assistant in the study and development of the unique possibilities offered by Your Assistant.


  • TF 1 – TF 6 – list of specified timeframes;
  • TF DisableMode – options disable Windows timeframes:
    • PARTIAL – partial disconnection (display only the selected windows is disabled);
    • FULLY – blackout (selected windows and timeframes are not shown, and are excluded from the calculation);
  • TF 1 Window Enabled – TF 6 Window Enabled – enabling / disabling windows with predetermined timeframes;
  • Fractal Size – fractal dimension (the default is set fractal Williams);
  • InFormedBars – work formed the bar;
  • EMA period – smoothing period;
  • Bars count for calculation – predetermined number of bars for the calculation;
  • Sig TF Number – the window number, the control signals and alerts;
  • Signals print? – print signals;
  • Opportunity Buy Alert – Opportunity Close Sell Alert – enabling / disabling alerts;
  • Shift Y – distance from the top edge to the histogram generated blocks;
  • WidthRectinfo – height histograms of the block;
  • SymbolFontSize – font size tools;
  • SubSubColor – color separating windows lines;
  • BackgroundColor – fill color histograms in blocks;
  • ColBGRect – highlight color histograms frames blocks;
  • ColStrokeRect – fill color histograms of the blocks;
  • ColUpValue – the color of the growing histograms;
  • ColDownValue – decreasing color histogram;
  • ColAveValue – RR line color;
  • ColSymbolRect – font color tools;
  • ReversalRiscColor – the color of the risk of a reversal signal;
  • ButtonsNormalCol – ButtonsPressedCol – the color of the upper buttons;
  • LineWidth Inside Flat – the width of the lines within the consolidation zone;
  • LineWidth Outside Flat – line width after exiting the consolidation zone;
  • ColLevelNull – color line zero;
  • Up levels zone color – color zone uptrend;
  • Dn levels zone color – color zone downtrend;
  • Reversal risk zone color – color reversal zone;
  • MESSAGES – communication;
  • ClicOpenTFtimeframe openable graphics;
  • ClicOpenTemplate – template openable graphics;
  • ECONOMIC EVENTS – economic developments;
  • Enabled? – Connection economic developments;
  • Broker GMT offset – GMT time broker.

Your Assistant Free MT 4


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Why June could be turning point for market

Why June could be a turning point for the market?

Many large companies
in recent days say that in June,
possible “fainting” in the market and that
In general, this is a critical month
for the markets. For example, take place in June
regular meetings of the ECB and the Fed meeting
OPEC already this Friday and the G-7 meeting held in
last weekend – a month and the truth
eventful. This week in
focus still remains Greece – it
you need to pay off the debt to the IMF on Friday,
but there is not for this free
money. All of these events plus the macroeconomic
Records are added to the tension

In the near future the most
a lot of damage can cause markets
unexpected outcome Greek conflict
with creditors, said Dzhozef Lyupton,
senior macroeconomics from JPMorgan.

June is also
important for the US economy – the Fed chief Janet
Yellen said recently that the central
US bank may raise rates
Depending on the state of the economy.
Thus, each report as an indicator of strength
the economy will be very important, and a report on
employment, which will be released this Friday,
It stands at the head of this list. economists watch
for the report, so as not to miss a moment,
when the US economy starts to improve
After 0.7% solution of GDP reduction in the first
quarter. In the second quarter, by the way,
forecasts have been reduced – with growth of more than
3% to 2.5%, because economic
reports continue to disappoint

In the stock market shares
“Included” in the summer with a good attitude after the
1 percent increase in S P 500 in May. but in June
It has been historically very often weak
month for the stock market. Some
strategists are preparing to see pullback
the stock market before the next season
statements. "I’m not a big shopper
seasonal sales"- says Savita
Subramanian, chief strategist
capital in the Bank of America Merrill
Lynch. She says that there are factors that
cause worry – including
those that indicate that in
second-quarter profit may be
negative. But, most likely, stocks
still do well this year, largely
due to the weakening of the central
banks. Subramanian said,
that she was not worried about falling share
in the United States because of the negative outcome in Greece,
and, in fact, American analysts
Now give more forecasts for the exit of Greece
from the euro zone than in the past. But markets
mostly still waiting for concrete

Traders are also closely
follow the organization of the meeting
Petroleum Exporting Countries on Friday. At the
While OPEC is expected to leave
production quotas unchanged at 30 million barrels in
day, all the news headlines might affect
the oil market. cartel actually
increased production in May, writes

Markets also with attention
will observe the behavior of stock
Mainland China, which will include June 9
in the MSCI index. In the best case, this decision
It means that China’s shares will be included
in the emerging markets index, which
It is used as a guide for
the largest exchange-traded funds.

Marc Chandler, chief
currency strategist at Brown Brothers
Harriman, says that among other events,
for which he will be seen in June,
appear on the Turkish elections on June 7 and the EU summit
25-26 June. June 15 is also Saudi Arabia
It is about to launch the likeness QFII, and this
investment program
It will allow foreign investors to
access to the Saudi market. In general, the month is expected to rich and interesting, say experts.

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