Speedometer Theory Probability

Speedometer Theory Probability

Speedometer Theory Probability – is a multi-advisor working on many pairs and timeframes M1 or M5.

Advisor uses to trade high-risk trading strategies in the likeness of Martingale. At work using trailing stop.

Example of the Formula Theory Probability strategy (Theory probabilities):

  1. ((Open-close) + (High-close) + (low-close)) / 3.
  2. Average True Range > Standard deviation = BUY.
  3. Average True Range < Standard deviation = SELL.
  4. dll.

It can work on other major pairs.


  • The minimum leverage of 1: 300.
  • Work with a broker with the assignment, deposit bonus, low spreads and VPS.
  • You can start using with only $ 100.
  • Timeframes: M1 or M5.


  • MagicNumber: Magic number.
  • Risk: The ratio of the balance of the account to the transaction.
  • MaxSpread: Maximum spread required for the spread limit for the conclusion of the transaction.
  • Slippage: Allowable slippage for opening an order
  • point : Probability value of the formula.
  • Speedometer: Value beztrendovogo market.
  • LockDownStep profit, in which the trailing stop moves to the next level.
  • Lockdown_lock: Profit in pips to trigger LockDown.

Speedometer Theory Probability

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