Shanghai Hong Kong and Chinese stocks rose Korea

Shanghai, Hong Kong and Chinese stocks rose. Korea and Australia are in the red.

shares today rose in cautious
trading. Investors fear the outcome
Greek negotiations and other
fundamental factors in the markets
it is not observed.

  • Shanghai

    by 0.9% and closed at a new seven-year
    maximum. Week Shanghai index
    growth finished at 2.85%. A week later
    on Chinese stock exchanges is expected the new
    IPO party
    investors are in no hurry to much
    review their portfolios. all
    the amount of the new shares on the market may be
    estimated at about 5.5 trillion yuan,
    estimates of market analysts.

    this week published data,
    showing a decline of Chinese investments
    in fixed assets, consumer
    inflation and other parameters. Economy
    Celestial continues to deteriorate.
    “China will continue weakening
    monetary policy “, – said
    market experts. They are expected to reduce the
    China’s requirements for mandatory
    bank reserves during several
    the next few weeks, and on this background,
    continuing the bullish trend on the stock

  • Hang

    trading on Friday rising by 1.39%, and for
    week rose slightly: to 0.07%.
    Yesterday, officials of the Hong Kong
    Exchange told the local press that the
    next year may be introduced
    a new mechanism aimed
    to reduce volatility.

    the most actively traded shares on the
    Hong Kong Stock Exchange were Cct
    Land (jump
    up to 13,6%), SMI
    Holdings (+ 20,2%)
    and Enviro
    Energy (+ 32,3%).

  • Nikkei
    hard to stay in the positive zone,
    adding 0.1%. The Japanese index experienced
    the impact of the weakening of the lung
    the yen against the dollar in Asian trading.
    Despite the gains the past couple of
    days per week, Tokyo Stock Exchange slipped

    better dynamics showed stocks,
    export-oriented. “Blue
    chips “Japanese national
    indicator, Toyota
    Motor and
    almost 1% each.

  • Kospi
    I lost
    0.2%. The next day after
    a national regulator has decided to reduce the
    interest rate to record low
    level, the Korean Stock Exchange, too
    He responded to these events. During the week
    Seoul Stock Exchange slipped 0.79%. But
    Panic is almost over for
    Middle East fever epidemic
    which was localized.

    Chemicals lost
    2.8% after patent Commission
    issued a negative decision
    respect of vaccines against pneumonia,
    developed by the company. regulator
    decided that the basic technology
    borrowed from the company Pfizer.

  • ASX
    down to 0.2%. Australian Index slightly
    I fell – the very next day after
    its biggest growth in the past
    seven weeks. For a week the Sydney Stock Exchange
    It lost 0.85%.

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