Gold futures are getting cheaper

Gold futures are getting cheaper

Gold futures fell as investors
afraid of hawkish Fed statements about the timing
increase in interest rates. If a bet
will be increased in the near future, the
it will automatically support the dollar and
will put pressure on gold: in the period
appreciation of the currency investors seek
invest in it, but not in non-interest
Safe-haven assets such as gold. On
11.31 MSK troy ounce of gold with delivery
August 179.50 worth 1 dollar. Platinum
with the price of 1 075.75 dollars per troy ounce
is a six-year low,
palladium at $ 730.60 dollars
ounce – to four-month low.

months of precious metals held
in a narrow range due to uncertainty
interest rate. market experts
suggest that if Janet Yellen
today show hawkish rhetoric,
then gold will find support at the level of 1
165 $, and the dollar will certainly
will increase.

The only thing,
that fuels the demand for gold today
– the Greek debt crisis, but it
disproportionately impact smaller. premier
Greece Alexis Tsipras yesterday accused
international lenders in an attempt to
“Humiliate” Greece and hinted at preparing
Grexit. This is slightly increased
investor interest in gold, but
today’s expectation of results
Fed meeting and the prospect of rates of growth
until the end of the year, for the first time in nearly 10 years,
It was stronger.

painting on metal too bearish.

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