EU antitrust authorities MasterCard accused of

EU antitrust authorities MasterCard accused of overstating the cost of services

In the EU, Thursday
formally charged
MasterCard Inc, accusing the company
in violation of antitrust
block legislation. service plastic
cards, according to the charges, artificially
overestimates the value of payments.

preceded by two years of investigations.
This is another step in a series of court
battles between the EU and US
plastic cards services. Parallel
continued investigation into the EU
tariffs Visa Inc.

In the event that
guilt card service, the penalty may
up to 10% of the world’s annual income
MasterCard ($ 950 million), and
business practices companies can radically

On the agenda
– cross-border fees on debit and
credit cards. They are charged with
consumers when making a purchase
overseas country in which it was
issued card. These charges are widely
vary across the EU: in the Netherlands
they are less than 0.2%; Poland – 1.5%. By
According to the European Commission, MasterCard rules
do not allow banks to offer
retailers to lower interbank
Commission. It gives away a free
competition among banks.

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