EA DualChannel SqrtMA

EA DualChannel SqrtMA

Advisor is the automatic opening of trades on signals Dual-Channel indicator and tracking. The moving average RMS is used as an auxiliary indicator. A long trade is opened when the Dual-Channel LED “draws” the blue arrow signal candle is above the moving pointing upward. Short transaction open when the Dual-Channel LED “draws” red arrow signal candle is below the moving downward. Examples are shown in the screenshots transactions.

The parameter transaction is used takeprofit (final purpose of the transaction), the stop-loss (maximum loss) bezubytka level – distances at points in their passage which stop loss translated opening level + spread, Step profit – distance in points, after which the locked part position profit factor – the percentage of the partial closure position Trailinga stop – the level at which the price moves from the stop-loss (starts after bezubytka).

Advisor also has a limit on the time allowed for opening positions – hour start and end times. Maintenance and closing trades work without restrictions

parameters advisor

  • Lots – The volume of opened deals;
  • stepProfit – Step Profit in points;
  • stepProfit_factor – profit factor;
  • stopLoss – stop loss in paragraphs (if 0, then the level of the indicator is used Dual-Channel);
  • takeProfit – final profit (can be 0);
  • trailStop – level the trailing stop in points;
  • trailStep – Step trailing in (the minimum distance at which the rearranged stop loss);
  • noLoss – bezubytka levels in points;
  • ChMin – Minimal channel length Dual-Channel indicator;
  • ChMax – Maximum channel length Dual-Channel indicator;
  • SignalLive – lifetime indicator signal Dual-Channel;
  • MaPeriod – rms period moving average;
  • MaPriceprice rms moving average;
  • timeStart – hour pre-trade;
  • timeEnd – hour of trading end;
  • slippage – slippage in points;
  • MAGIC – “Magic number” for identifying orders advisor.

Settings in the default advisor, designed for 5-digit quotes. When used with other adviser quotes should correspondingly change the parameter values ​​specified in the claims.

Comments, reviews and reasoned criticism is welcome.

EA DualChannel SqrtMA


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