Brent has stabilized around $ 57 13

Brent has stabilized around $ 57.13

On Monday, oil has stabilized, and has completed a sharp decline last week. statistical
data showed that exports from Saudi
Arabia fell to its lowest level
over the past five months, despite the
record extraction. Renaissance drilling
installations on US shale
which markets are seen earlier this
month seems to be too exhausted. Over the past week increase in the number of drilling again ended: in a country run by 7 towers less than last Monday.

By 11.26 MSK Brent
September delivery costs 57.16
dollars per barrel, WTI
He has risen to $ 51.34.

both reference
the brand showed a decrease over
the last three weeks in a row. markets
We are waiting for the explosive growth of exports from Iran
against the backdrop of the agreements
Tehran with six world powers.

in Brent
During the last month lost
more than 10% of the cost, WTI fell
in July by more than 14%.

Goldman Sachs expect that of WTI,
He may return to the level
last month (60 dollars
per barrel).

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