Brent and WTI continues to become cheaper

Brent and WTI continues to become cheaper

On Friday, oil
prices fall. fears of oversupply
fueled by the statistics on the number of
working drilling in the US (it has grown).
In addition, Chinese regulators began
investigation on suspicion of manipulation
in the stock market.

By 10.50 MSK
August futures for Brent
costs $ 61,61, WTI fell
to $ 56.54.

in oil prices continues from the beginning
May the negative sentiment associated with
in that the signs of declining production
in the United States is not observed. To this is added
record figures in production in Russia
OPEC countries: countries should form
their budgets, and in view of falling prices
oil they can only increase
production. Can not be discounted
accounts and the Greek crisis and fears
about commodity markets in China: all
it presses the potential demand.

suggests that Brent will
move down, and over the next

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