Actual Depth of Market Chart

Actual Depth of Market Chart

Professional tool best stock traders is now available on the platform MetaTrader 5. Indicator Actual depth of market chart visualizes a glass of stock orders as a histogram,
placed on the price chart and is updated in real time.

Attention! Fresh update is made at the request of our customers!
Now Actual Depth of Market Indicator displays the current ratio
volumes of requests for purchase and sale (B / S ratio). showing share
volume applications of each type to the total volume of broadcast applications, as well as
the absolute value of the volume of open orders.
How can this
be useful? HFT among professional developers spread
opinion that in case of a significant misalignment of applications price at the moment will
stroronu strive in their performance – that is, more volume!
Watch it and use in their trade with our indicator
Actual Depth of Market!

by indicator Actual depth of market chart, you
can directly on the chart to evaluate the application of market players and
also see a large market maker application. This will allow scalping with
pinpoint accuracy and ensure correct installation
stop orders on their positions.

LED displays applications
purchase and sale in the form of two columns of horizontal histograms
corresponding colors (buying and selling). The column appears in the chart
prices, and its length corresponds to the total volume of applications at that level. at
The volume of the largest applications for the purchase and sale of an additional
is signed.

The indicator shows the total
the number of applications for purchase and sale in the form of a graph-field stacked.
This makes it possible to estimate the total volume of orders, which will be satisfied with the
changing to a different price level. Total volume of orders to buy and sell as
plotted on a graph.

The default indicator
It is displayed in the background and does not interfere with the reading of other indicators on the chart.
When trading using this indicator further recommended
focus on the real volumes.

This indicator will work
only those instruments, which are broadcast applications bidders.
First of all, it will be interesting to traders FORTS (FORTS) and other exchange
markets, access to which is to provide a platform MetaTrader 5.

Indicator parameters allow
display the chart as comfortably as possible:

  1. Maximal volume of request (0 – autosize) – the maximum amount of application,
    corresponding to the length of the column. If 0 is specified, the length is automatically selected, and
    equal to the maximum volume of the application in the glass. This option allows
    fix the chart scale (default – 200).
  2. Size of histogram bar – histogram column length (%). The percentage of the window width, which will take an order with a volume equal to the maximum
    volume of parameter 1 (default value – 20).
  3. Display the indicator on background – LED display in the background
    plan. It allows you to draw a graph of the indicator and other indicators
    (Default – true).
  4. Show B / S ratio bar – otoborazhat diagram B / S in the graph.
  5. Bar height (% of window height) – height chart B / S (as a percentage of the height of the window).

Actual Depth of Market Chart


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