EA DualChannel SqrtMA

EA DualChannel SqrtMA

Advisor is the automatic opening of trades on signals Dual-Channel indicator and tracking. The moving average RMS is used as an auxiliary indicator. A long trade is opened when the Dual-Channel LED “draws” the blue arrow signal candle is above the moving pointing upward. Short transaction open when the Dual-Channel LED “draws” red arrow signal candle is below the moving downward. Examples are shown in the screenshots transactions.

The parameter transaction is used takeprofit (final purpose of the transaction), the stop-loss (maximum loss) bezubytka level – distances at points in their passage which stop loss translated opening level + spread, Step profit – distance in points, after which the locked part position profit factor – the percentage of the partial closure position Trailinga stop – the level at which the price moves from the stop-loss (starts after bezubytka).

Advisor also has a limit on the time allowed for opening positions – hour start and end times. Maintenance and closing trades work without restrictions

parameters advisor

  • Lots – The volume of opened deals;
  • stepProfit – Step Profit in points;
  • stepProfit_factor – profit factor;
  • stopLoss – stop loss in paragraphs (if 0, then the level of the indicator is used Dual-Channel);
  • takeProfit – final profit (can be 0);
  • trailStop – level the trailing stop in points;
  • trailStep – Step trailing in (the minimum distance at which the rearranged stop loss);
  • noLoss – bezubytka levels in points;
  • ChMin – Minimal channel length Dual-Channel indicator;
  • ChMax – Maximum channel length Dual-Channel indicator;
  • SignalLive – lifetime indicator signal Dual-Channel;
  • MaPeriod – rms period moving average;
  • MaPriceprice rms moving average;
  • timeStart – hour pre-trade;
  • timeEnd – hour of trading end;
  • slippage – slippage in points;
  • MAGIC – “Magic number” for identifying orders advisor.

Settings in the default advisor, designed for 5-digit quotes. When used with other adviser quotes should correspondingly change the parameter values ​​specified in the claims.

Comments, reviews and reasoned criticism is welcome.

EA DualChannel SqrtMA


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How to optimize Advisor

How to optimize Advisor

Unfortunately, the financial markets there is virtually no trade advisers, who would constantly give stable results and did not need to reconfigure or optimization.

For many beginners the concept of optimization may be associated with something complicated and confusing. In fact, optimization, a simple adjustment of the parameters under the prevailing conditions in the market.

For example, when a trader customize a specific indicator on the history, he is also involved in the optimization, but it just looks a little different.

Why is it necessary to optimize

The fact that the market is moving some kind of cycles and it is peculiar to gain certain speed and maneuvers that were repeated earlier.

Thus, many of the newcomers, and pros often encounter a situation where all the forgotten merges adviser suddenly starts to bring huge profits, and the latest development on the contrary began to merge the deposit.

This situation occurs not infrequently, however, the reason for her one – the market has changed. Of course, the visual changes in the market is quite difficult to see, however, if the pair started to reduce their traffic corridor or entered into a flat, counselor immediately react to these changes.

Actually, if a trader can tinker weekly strategy based on their observations and visualization on history, with advisers things are quite different. To optimize the use strategy tester, which is a function of the genetic algorithm, which is able to significantly speed up the optimization process.

The choice of optimization models

If you worked and faced with the strategy tester, you probably know that the tester performs as testing and optimization for one of the three models. The first model, and it is also the most inaccurate in the test plan, and in terms of optimization is to “Checkpoints”.

The essence of the model lies in the fact that at the time of formation of the price data are taken from the nearest time frame. Naturally because of the lack of data to optimize, using this model is simply impossible.

The second model, which is present in the strategy tester, called “Open Price“. Unlike the previous model, the amount of data is much superior, as used already formed bars. Unfortunately, if your advisor opens a position at a price, and can be closed within the bar itself, this approach is not for you.

If you do exactly sure that your advisor takes a position only on the close of the candle, then this model is right for you, and it is very fast.

The third and most accurate model is called the “Every tick”. The essence of the model lies in the fact that the treatment options are taken data from all time frames, which ensures the accuracy of optimization experts trading within a bar (scalpers scalpers). This optimization technique has the highest accuracy, but at the same time the most expensive.

Select model testing, you can use the pull-out menu in the strategy tester opposite form “Model”. Also, to start the optimization do not forget to set the checkbox “Optimize.”

Proper optimization algorithm advisor

Many newcomers, who for the first time faced with the optimization allows a huge mistake when he carried out the optimization of the current moment. This approach is comparable to the game of roulette, because you have no way to verify your settings, because they have already adapted to the forex market.

Instead, professionals use the test method striker. The essence of this scheme is to break up the historical period on optimization and testing. So, if you take the historical site of 100 percent, 709 percent stretch is performed optimization settings, while the remaining 25 received forward test your settings. Thus, you can see how your chosen parameters may behave in the future.

To proceed to the process of optimization should be set a number of criteria that will help to cut the unrealistic results optimization. To do this in the strategy tester enter the settings and switch advisor tab “Optimization”. In this tab you can specify the values ​​for the minimum balance restrictions, the maximum profit as a percentage, the minimum level of margin and maximum drawdown, continuing losses and the continuous number of losing trades, as well as consecutive wins, won the continuous number of trades.

Then go directly to the expert inputs. As you can see in the settings there are two columns, namely value and Start. To optimize select the minimum value of the optimization parameter on line stratum, and the maximum value in the row. Also, do not forget to put a tick next to the line where the settings will be optimized.

Then click “OK” and start the optimization. Once you start the tester will give you the information on the time and number of samples. At the end of optimization, go to “Optimization Results” section and choose a couple of acceptable results.

After you select the parameters of acceptable conduct forward test of history and if he is satisfactory, you can safely put these settings. Remember, in large stretches you will do the optimization, the more stable will be the setting.

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Brent and WTI continues to become cheaper

Brent and WTI continues to become cheaper

On Friday, oil
prices fall. fears of oversupply
fueled by the statistics on the number of
working drilling in the US (it has grown).
In addition, Chinese regulators began
investigation on suspicion of manipulation
in the stock market.

By 10.50 MSK
August futures for Brent
costs $ 61,61, WTI fell
to $ 56.54.

in oil prices continues from the beginning
May the negative sentiment associated with
in that the signs of declining production
in the United States is not observed. To this is added
record figures in production in Russia
OPEC countries: countries should form
their budgets, and in view of falling prices
oil they can only increase
production. Can not be discounted
accounts and the Greek crisis and fears
about commodity markets in China: all
it presses the potential demand.

suggests that Brent will
move down, and over the next

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ST Main Pivots

ST Main Pivots

ST Main Pivotsindicator that seeks reversal points at predetermined intervals (days, weeks, months, years, etc.). Then, all extremes are checked for gluing and form consistent support and resistance lines, which can be used to find the optimal pivot points.

For each interval is a pair of topping lines corresponding to the minimum (support line) and maximum (resistance line) prices for the range of motion. The difference between these lines – is the price movement for the selected interval.

The indicator draws the support and resistance levels on all timeframes, so it is convenient to use both in intraday and medium-term trading.

If the indicator is several levels Support and resistance at the same level, there is a bonding levels in a stronger level. Weak levels are displayed by a dotted line, strong levels shown by the solid line. The thickness of the solid level corresponds to the power level, the greater the level is, the thicker the line.

The information is displayed to the level of “lifetime” – the value until the appropriate level of support or resistance was formed.

A special feature of the indicator is that it “forgets” about the points emerging during the reporting period. For example, if the daily rate was found, with a lifetime 23 hours, the two hour bar this level is outside the window of the daily and daily pivot points will be recalculated based on the remaining bars. This eliminates the tracking irrelevant topping levels.

Attention! In case of breakdown of resistance or support level recalculation performed levels and a new level set in place breakdown. In this case, “lifetime” is reset and a new count begins.

Input parameters:

  • Precise (int) – the accuracy with which “glue” levels. If the difference between the levels is smaller than the specified number of pips levels are glued to one;
  • SupportColor, ResistanceColor (Color) – Color Settings for the support and resistance levels;
  • DrawFibo [interval] (Bool) – whether or not draw additional levels of Fibonacci at selected intervals.

Use methods:

1. Use Case “End of level”:

Note. This option is useful with “DrawFibo” option enabled.

Terms and conditions for entry:

  • Forming a strong support or resistance (day level is glued with a week or more higher layers);
  • The lifetime of at least 12 hours;
  • From level was a “retreat” and the price has fallen below the level of 23.2 Fibo


  • Stop exhibited higher resistance level or below the support level (depending on the direction of position)


  • At the discretion of the trader, but not least, the level of risk.

2. Option of using “Break Level”

Conditions for entry:

  • Forming a strong support or resistance (day level is glued with a week or more higher layers);
  • The lifetime before breakdown of not less than 12 hours;
  • There has been a breakdown of the level (at the level zeroed lifetime).


  • Stop is set at the level of 23.2 at the time of entry into a transaction (because there was a failure, then the continuation of the trend will be updated the next level and will shift depending on him Fibo levels).


  • At the discretion of the trader, but not least, the level of risk.

3. Use Case “End of the Fib levels” (For intraday trading on the weekly and monthly fibourovnyah)

Conditions for entry:

  • Intraday support and resistance levels formed over 8 hours ago;
  • The price went up to the levels of 23.2 or 38.2 or 61.8;
  • Depending on the direction of price movement is high or low or higher (bullish scenario) or below (at the bearish scenario), and the closing level below or above the Fibo level (the price has gone beyond the level of, but rebounded);
  • Entrance to the transaction carried out with the bar closing.


  • Stop is set at the next fibo level.


  • At the discretion of the trader, but not least, the level of risk.

Mark Illioner

ST Main Pivots

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Shanghai Hong Kong and Chinese stocks rose Korea

Shanghai, Hong Kong and Chinese stocks rose. Korea and Australia are in the red.

shares today rose in cautious
trading. Investors fear the outcome
Greek negotiations and other
fundamental factors in the markets
it is not observed.

  • Shanghai

    by 0.9% and closed at a new seven-year
    maximum. Week Shanghai index
    growth finished at 2.85%. A week later
    on Chinese stock exchanges is expected the new
    IPO party
    investors are in no hurry to much
    review their portfolios. all
    the amount of the new shares on the market may be
    estimated at about 5.5 trillion yuan,
    estimates of market analysts.

    this week published data,
    showing a decline of Chinese investments
    in fixed assets, consumer
    inflation and other parameters. Economy
    Celestial continues to deteriorate.
    “China will continue weakening
    monetary policy “, – said
    market experts. They are expected to reduce the
    China’s requirements for mandatory
    bank reserves during several
    the next few weeks, and on this background,
    continuing the bullish trend on the stock

  • Hang

    trading on Friday rising by 1.39%, and for
    week rose slightly: to 0.07%.
    Yesterday, officials of the Hong Kong
    Exchange told the local press that the
    next year may be introduced
    a new mechanism aimed
    to reduce volatility.

    the most actively traded shares on the
    Hong Kong Stock Exchange were Cct
    Land (jump
    up to 13,6%), SMI
    Holdings (+ 20,2%)
    and Enviro
    Energy (+ 32,3%).

  • Nikkei
    hard to stay in the positive zone,
    adding 0.1%. The Japanese index experienced
    the impact of the weakening of the lung
    the yen against the dollar in Asian trading.
    Despite the gains the past couple of
    days per week, Tokyo Stock Exchange slipped

    better dynamics showed stocks,
    export-oriented. “Blue
    chips “Japanese national
    indicator, Toyota
    Motor and
    almost 1% each.

  • Kospi
    I lost
    0.2%. The next day after
    a national regulator has decided to reduce the
    interest rate to record low
    level, the Korean Stock Exchange, too
    He responded to these events. During the week
    Seoul Stock Exchange slipped 0.79%. But
    Panic is almost over for
    Middle East fever epidemic
    which was localized.

    Chemicals lost
    2.8% after patent Commission
    issued a negative decision
    respect of vaccines against pneumonia,
    developed by the company. regulator
    decided that the basic technology
    borrowed from the company Pfizer.

  • ASX
    down to 0.2%. Australian Index slightly
    I fell – the very next day after
    its biggest growth in the past
    seven weeks. For a week the Sydney Stock Exchange
    It lost 0.85%.

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Economic news from company ForexMart

Economic news from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

All “Volvo” will be electric cars

CEO of Volvo has announced that in 2020 the company’s plants will produce only hybrids and pure electric vehicles.

After 2019 the automaker refuses to car production, working only on the internal combustion engine. The company is completely reoriented on the development of electric and hybrid cars.

Hakan Samuelsson, CEO of the Volvo, said that all company cars will be equipped with electric motors in the future. Also, the automaker no longer plans to develop new models of petrol and diesel engines.

Earlier, Volvo has announced plans in 2025 to sell 1 million. EVs. The Swedish company owned by the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. From 2019 to 2021 at plants in Europe, the US and China, Volvo plans to launch production of 5 new models, of which 3 are pure electric vehicles.

Economic news from company ForexMart

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Sun life

Sun life

Sun life – Advisor is a fully automatic, which showed a positive test during the period from January 2006 to January 2016. In this first version of the customized and optimized for the pair EURUSD M5, but in future versions will be adapted to other currency pairs and timeframes.

Advisor to fit and experienced traders, and for a beginner, since only need to install it manually adjust the size necessary for you lot. By default, the lot – 0.05. It is also possible to set the stop-loss: StopLoss parameter sets the value in points, SL_ON option toggles this function.

It can run on any deposit which depends on the size of the lot. Spread the size is not critical, but less is always better. Advisor can work with a deposit of $ 100-200.

Principle of operation

Adviser’s work is based on a thorough analysis of the data received from five to two time frames indicators. Counselor tries to enter the position at the beginning of a trend, or correction, and closed by the signal indicators and maximizing profits.

Main advantages

  • It does not martingale, not grid-Advisor;
  • It does not require any settings;
  • Very good risk / reward ratio;
  • Scalping is not without hedging;
  • Low drawdown;
  • Slippage and spread size does not matter;
  • It works with any broker;
  • It does not require re-optimization;
  • The deposit amount – $ 100;
  • The lot size is set manually;
  • Fault tolerance, since it implemented the code redundancy in the files, which are stored in the variables used in the program. Failover trade terminal will be continued from the same place automatically.

customizable settings

  • Lots – the number of lots (default – 0.05);
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss in points;
  • SL_ON – activate setting stop-loss.

The results of the strategy tester

Shown in the screenshot:

  • testing in January 2014 and January 2016. – EURUSD M5, lot size – 0.05, the initial deposit – $ 100 profit – $ 1469.
  • testing from January 2006 to January 2016. – EURUSD M5, lot size – 0.05, the initial deposit – $ 100 profit – $ 3744.

Adviser Jobs will continue to be optimized. You can ask any questions and comments in the section “Discussion” page of this product.

At your request, the expert may be added to an alert on a cell phone on the opening and closing orders. Write your wishes. Everything will be taken into account.

Sun life

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Gold futures are getting cheaper

Gold futures are getting cheaper

Gold futures fell as investors
afraid of hawkish Fed statements about the timing
increase in interest rates. If a bet
will be increased in the near future, the
it will automatically support the dollar and
will put pressure on gold: in the period
appreciation of the currency investors seek
invest in it, but not in non-interest
Safe-haven assets such as gold. On
11.31 MSK troy ounce of gold with delivery
August 179.50 worth 1 dollar. Platinum
with the price of 1 075.75 dollars per troy ounce
is a six-year low,
palladium at $ 730.60 dollars
ounce – to four-month low.

months of precious metals held
in a narrow range due to uncertainty
interest rate. market experts
suggest that if Janet Yellen
today show hawkish rhetoric,
then gold will find support at the level of 1
165 $, and the dollar will certainly
will increase.

The only thing,
that fuels the demand for gold today
– the Greek debt crisis, but it
disproportionately impact smaller. premier
Greece Alexis Tsipras yesterday accused
international lenders in an attempt to
“Humiliate” Greece and hinted at preparing
Grexit. This is slightly increased
investor interest in gold, but
today’s expectation of results
Fed meeting and the prospect of rates of growth
until the end of the year, for the first time in nearly 10 years,
It was stronger.

painting on metal too bearish.

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Actual Depth of Market Chart

Actual Depth of Market Chart

Professional tool best stock traders is now available on the platform MetaTrader 5. Indicator Actual depth of market chart visualizes a glass of stock orders as a histogram,
placed on the price chart and is updated in real time.

Attention! Fresh update is made at the request of our customers!
Now Actual Depth of Market Indicator displays the current ratio
volumes of requests for purchase and sale (B / S ratio). showing share
volume applications of each type to the total volume of broadcast applications, as well as
the absolute value of the volume of open orders.
How can this
be useful? HFT among professional developers spread
opinion that in case of a significant misalignment of applications price at the moment will
stroronu strive in their performance – that is, more volume!
Watch it and use in their trade with our indicator
Actual Depth of Market!

by indicator Actual depth of market chart, you
can directly on the chart to evaluate the application of market players and
also see a large market maker application. This will allow scalping with
pinpoint accuracy and ensure correct installation
stop orders on their positions.

LED displays applications
purchase and sale in the form of two columns of horizontal histograms
corresponding colors (buying and selling). The column appears in the chart
prices, and its length corresponds to the total volume of applications at that level. at
The volume of the largest applications for the purchase and sale of an additional
is signed.

The indicator shows the total
the number of applications for purchase and sale in the form of a graph-field stacked.
This makes it possible to estimate the total volume of orders, which will be satisfied with the
changing to a different price level. Total volume of orders to buy and sell as
plotted on a graph.

The default indicator
It is displayed in the background and does not interfere with the reading of other indicators on the chart.
When trading using this indicator further recommended
focus on the real volumes.

This indicator will work
only those instruments, which are broadcast applications bidders.
First of all, it will be interesting to traders FORTS (FORTS) and other exchange
markets, access to which is to provide a platform MetaTrader 5.

Indicator parameters allow
display the chart as comfortably as possible:

  1. Maximal volume of request (0 – autosize) – the maximum amount of application,
    corresponding to the length of the column. If 0 is specified, the length is automatically selected, and
    equal to the maximum volume of the application in the glass. This option allows
    fix the chart scale (default – 200).
  2. Size of histogram bar – histogram column length (%). The percentage of the window width, which will take an order with a volume equal to the maximum
    volume of parameter 1 (default value – 20).
  3. Display the indicator on background – LED display in the background
    plan. It allows you to draw a graph of the indicator and other indicators
    (Default – true).
  4. Show B / S ratio bar – otoborazhat diagram B / S in the graph.
  5. Bar height (% of window height) – height chart B / S (as a percentage of the height of the window).

Actual Depth of Market Chart


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Reversal Bars

Reversal Bars


The indicator determines the appearance on the chart bars, signaling a reversal of the current local sentiment, and notifies the audio signal. He also paints the bars are aligned with bovine and / or bear a priority.

The user can select the color of the paint bullish and bearish sentiment.

Input parameters

  • Sound_Play – flag to allow the sound notification.


Detection of reversal bar may serve as a signal to the respective trading activities. 

The indicator can be used for manual or automatic trading advisor in the composition. For automated trading using the testimony of any type double buffer indicator: 0, 1, 2 or 3. The values ​​must not be zero!

Reversal Bars

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