Wave Forecast

Wave Forecast

WaveForecast predicts tool rates based on the selected user mode and wavelength for analysis. Restrictions on time intervals (TP) No. When you select a prediction mode, please note that the price has “memory” (return prices to their previous level) and the level can be “tired” (may be broken).

Demo WaveForecast https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/21911#full_description

Modes of operation can be divided as follows:

  • growth – correction – growth;
  • fall – correction – the fall;
  • growth – correction – the fall;
  • fall – correction – growth.

Information about the projected levels shown in the chart of this tool user-adjustable color line price (level) quotes. OBJECTIVE 1 – solid lines, PURPOSE 2 – dashed line.

Input parameters

  • TREND – the choice of the trend (trend change by pressing the TREND button on the chart):
    • UPTREND – uptrend
    • DOWNTREND – downtrend
    • FLAT – correction
  • DIRECTION – range of the forecast trends (forecast change direction by pressing the button DIRECTION on the chart):
    • UPWARD – up
    • DOWNWARD – down
  • COLOR – color projected levels

Disclaimer: The information on projected levels is a recommendation for the prevention of risks.
Wave Forecast

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