Voron Grid

voron Grid

Expert opens trades in the same direction. There are no clear distance between the open orders. The expert calculates when it open the next order. The possibility of averaging positions smooth way, the classic Martingale and Fibonacci. Expert covers the entire basket of orders when the profit that you specify in the settings. the potential profit margin varies with each order opening. For trade need to use the ECN brokers with a minimum lot is not more than 0.01. If the minimum permitted lot more than 0,01 position will not be opened.

councilor settings

  • Profit – set to arrive at the point for all orders
  • Fibonacsi – the inclusion of averaging Fibonacci
  • StrongMartin – the inclusion of averaging Martingale
  • Magic – Magic number

If disabled averaging Fibonacci and Martin, the increase subsequent orders will be at 0.01 lots.

Voron Grid

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