Video Maks Kayzer Why use bad tactics in modern

Video: Maks Kayzer. Why use bad tactics in the modern world?

Shares on Wall Street
bounce higher and higher, constantly
conquering its own records, and the streets
New York, meanwhile, zapolonyayut poor.
Such is the picture today of the Western world:
It becomes too obvious gap
between the apparent affluence
and real life. In market situations
large corporations and banks easily
can inflate the rates of their shares
using certain financial

In this edition of “Review
Max Keizer “leading again raise
financial theme
inequality, talk about falling prices on the
commodity and criticize politicians
their choice of methods to combat the crisis.
In addition, large business actually
It robs people of their last money,
because it sought to overturn laws,
which prevented him from getting profit.
It’s time to fight with this system, I’m sure
Guest Maykl Kriger, creator and editor
Site “Blitzkrieg freedom” – with him Max
Kaiser will communicate in the second half


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