Unique EAs System PRO 05

Unique EAs System PRO 05

Unique_EAs_System-05_PRO – is a comprehensive system designed specifically for live trading. That is, the adviser does not need special conditions, brokers, time, resources, servers, etc. etc. The system works with any broker under all market conditions:

  • not afraid of slipping;
  • not afraid of the expansion of the spread;
  • easy to cope with intraday fluctuations;
  • easily withstand minor gaps.


  • Do not use martingale;
  • Do not use the net;
  • Do not use averaging;
  • Do not use scalping;
  • It allows you to work with small leverage of 1:10;
  • No complicated settings;
  • Do not you want to optimize.


The system includes 160 different systems / strategies (EAs) for 4 currency pairs, divided into two groups:

  • 80 traded on the sample;
  • 80 sell on the rebound.

To open a position, each system uses four-factor test. This is at least three different indicator + mathematical calculations.

The system uses a common function of money management (risk / return), which automatically detects the size of the lot to be installed depending on the size of capital. A plus in each of the 160 systems built its function to manage their orders. It keeps track of the order only for its system, and depending on the number of unprofitable orders decides the next order will be opened with any lot size.

All 160 strategies used:

  • its own conditions to enter the market;
  • their individual StopLoss: 50-90 pips (in four digits);
  • Profit: ? (is not limited). TP can limit value if desired;
  • individual control only its own orders;
  • personal money management (plus the fact that is used for general trade).

The most important input parameters

  • MoneyManagement = true – general function for managing capital (money management) enabled. When false is disabled;
  • MaximumRisk_per_One_Order = 1.6 – the maximum risk value of one warrant of the total deposit%
  • LosOrd = 4 – the amount of unprofitable orders, which will keep track of the history of each subsystem. When 0, the function is disabled;
  • Inclusion money management (money management);
  • MaxLots = 50 – the size of the lot put up as much as possible;
  • Lot = 0.01 – the size of the lot put up if MoneyManagement = false;
  • Additional_Decimals = true – Broker uses a 5 decimal places. When 4 characters false;
  • UseTrailing = true – use a trailing stop. When false is disabled;
  • TrailingStep = 1 – a step in the points with which the position of the trail.

Unique EAs System PRO 05

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